FMCC President’s Blog – April 2019 by David Reynolds

Thursday, April 11th, 2019

FMCC BLOG, April 2019
David Reynolds
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Welcome to our second newsletter produced directly from the FMCC website.

Since it was chartered, FMCC has evolved from FM consultant networking, adding concentration in FM knowledge exercised by FMCC members, and now building up in promoting FM consulting as a readably available business resource for FMs. The Board anticipates continuing in that direction in IFMA FY 2019-2020.

What distinguishes FM consulting from other services available is that consultants are accustomed to introducing viewpoints not previously held by the client and are equipped to follow through with provisions and innovations. FM consultants are themselves FMs, so performing, ensuring, and teaching FM services are often part of their work to support the goals of their clients. But first they must be able to work with clients to discover, evaluate, implement, and sustain practical, positive results. We are steadily updating and rearranging the content of toward these purposes.

Recently and Upcoming at FMCC

Ask the Experts – Mark Sekula collects and complies short writeups from FMCC members on open ended consulting situations for the quarterly issue (electronic version) of FMJ. He recently switched to the newsletter listing, so all readers should be seeing invitations to submit. The problems are fun, especially if you enjoyed the CFM exam (just kidding, but his challenges are just that, challenging. Enjoy!

In Australasia, Graham Constable and Val Moraes are in conversation with IFMA toward a larger (than in 2019) IFMA and FMCC presence in the 2020 Total Facilities Expo.

Volunteer Opportunities – we have initiated a directory of volunteer calls (link), giving preference to one times of short duration over ongoing roles. For example, asking for a member in the Phoenix area or willing to work with the Phoenix IFMA Chapter to obtain a suitable social gathering venue the evening of October 16th.

We would welcome longer lasting engagements as well, for example keeping up a rotation of members to respond in Engage, or to promote and track the use of the Consultant Directory in Engage (link)

Sponsorship – value proposition in the April issue (excerpt below.) Large corporate sponsorship has dropped for several years. The Board is regrouping about what to do. We would like to acquire regional sponsors interested in contributing to and participating in regional events with members. At the same time, we would like to regain sponsorship of larger FM and FM affiliated companies. We have several leads in this area and would welcome more.

FM Pipeline – FMCC supports the IFMA Foundation in its granting of awards to students and awards a fellowship in honor of Kit Tuveson to practicing FM Consultants to help with professional development and special projects.

The FMCC Board welcomes comments, suggestions, and reports of error or malfunction. We keep a to-do list and rework it often. Contact or To contribute material to the website and into the newsletter, see Contributing to in the April issue (excerpt below.)

For reference, some excerpts from the April blog (full April blog available)

FMCC Goals and their background …consulting as an FM business resource, to be viewed and experienced by FMs everywhere as uniquely valuable, convenient, responsive, versatile, capable, and affordable.

FMCC Strategies and Current Initiatives – Consultants and clients need to find one another then work well together…Consultants Directory in Engage and the Need a Consultant; Here’s How section of the website (or navigate to the top two links under Resources.

FMCC Volunteers5 officers and 6 Regional Directors comprise the Board. All are volunteers. Eight volunteers produced the first version of the Here’s How guide

Members interested in volunteering in their global region, please get in touch with your regional director ( and scroll down to Regional Directors)

FMCC Value Proposition for Sponsors –  Sponsorship can be an attractive opportunity for businesses and organizations connected with FM. Our brochure contains details and contacts, or you can go directly to

Sponsorship can be and do more…

Invitation for news, articles, letters, photos…   We welcome contributions of all kinds… Most pieces sent should be about current activities, news, and events – where you, the original writer, have taken interest or part. Here is a general guide to contributing to the website.

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