Newsletter/Website Contributions

Contributing to the Newsletter/Website

Editor’s note – One-time contributions as described below are the usual way of publishing in the Newsletter/website. Contributions will always be acknowledged in the newsletter. A less common form also welcome is dynamic, always up to date information on any aspect of FM helpful to consultants. These resources can help with those annoying “Where did I see…?” questions. A continuously researched and maintained, noncommercial list of events and knowledge focused on commercial real estate comes from Chris Gardner:
In the future, we will format a separate section for this type of offering that does not archive itself, as our existing dated materials do. 

Background and what to submit – FMCC encourages Council members, IFMA members and staff, and FMs at large to contribute useful news and information. FMCC volunteers, members and others may submit announcements, news items, or articles at any time. Content must be noncommercial, but publications, products and services may be included when important to convey practical examples, or in a review article, or as hosts or sponsors.

The FMCC News Letter is generated automatically from the web site following a monthly schedule, so a submission to one covers both.

How to submit – Contact the FMCC Secretary and web site administrator  If you are located in an FMCC Region, the Regional Director is also a suitable contact: . Scroll down to Regional Directors.

For simple contributions such as event notices or news briefs, email works well, but for longer articles, especially with attachments, a link to an on-line folder works better for the web administrator.

FMCC reserves the right to decline to publish and will advise contributors if so, with reasons and suggestions, such as other opportunities that might be a better fit.

Contributor(s) will be acknowledged when published. Contributors should mention pertinent professional affiliations, especially FMCC and IFMA sponsors.

Dates – FMCC will review and publish your contributions at the first convenient opportunity, normally within a week. Please say explicitly if the material should be published by a certain date.

Editing – Please submit finished copy. FMCC will summarily copy edit. If more extensive editing is needed, we will return the submission with particulars and suggestions.

Please double check specific data such as contact addresses, telephone numbers, place names, etc., that our copy editor would not normally know and would therefore not catch as error.

Style – Informal American business English organization, usage, grammar, and spelling preferred. The weekly news magazine IFMA Insider and other IFMA publications are examples. IFMA follows the AP Style Cheat Sheet

We suggest keeping length to at most a few hundred words, but all lengths are acceptable as best fits the material and purpose of the author.

Photos, Video, Audio, graphics – Encouraged when of good quality and size. Provide as much or many as you judge right to enhance your contribution. We will use as many as fit well.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – To receive attention from the FMs at large, words and phrases used in searches help to make show up when internet users search using certain non-specific terms. We ask that contributors make use of these words and phrases incidentally, when they will make do just as well as a different phrase. SEO terms change from time to time. FMCC will add to and update the list. The following contains SEOs and suggestions for their use, remarks from Kate Miller at Indikon:

As you write your website content, here are a few suggestions for the best chance of SEO-visibility:

  • Incorporate top SEO words* into article text. However, don’t overdo the frequency; your phrases should still sound natural to your readers.
  • Longer articles (800+ words) rank better.
  • Incorporate links to highly relevant articles on the same topic, both within your own website and with outbound links to other sites.
  • Make your articles reader-friendly: Use short paragraphs, bullet points, subheadings, etc.

*The phrases below derive from frequency of use in internet searches. They may be used verbatim or altered in case (upper or lower), in punctuation, or in part, as long as principal words remain together. For example, “facilities management consulting” can show up in a search for “facilities management consulting firms.” Note that “facility management” appears in more phrases than “FM”, although, within the profession, FM is a constant. Thus “facility management” is a good choice to bring a user from outside of IFMA into, and, possibly, to stay and look around.

Phrase Date By
about facility management Jan-19 Indikon
association of facility managers Jan-19 Indikon
facilities management articles Jan-19 Indikon
facilities management association Jan-19 Indikon
facilities management conferences Jan-19 Indikon
facilities management consultancy Jan-19 Indikon
facilities management consulting firms Jan-19 Indikon
Facilities management exhibitions Jan-19 Indikon
Facilities management expos Jan-19 Indikon
facilities management information Jan-19 Indikon
facilities management journals Jan-19 Indikon
facility management blog Jan-19 Indikon
facility management books Jan-19 Indikon
Facility Management Consultancy Services Jan-19 Indikon
facility management consultants Jan-19 Indikon
facility management consulting services Jan-19 Indikon
facility management group Jan-19 Indikon
Facility Management Magazines Jan-19 Indikon
facility management news Jan-19 Indikon
facility management newsletter Jan-19 Indikon
facility management outsourcing Jan-19 Indikon
FM Consultants Council Jan-19 Indikon
FM Consultants Council (FMCC) Jan-19 Indikon
FM consulting Jan-19 Indikon
FM consulting firm Jan-19 Indikon
FM consulting partners Jan-19 Indikon
in-house facilities management Jan-19 Indikon
International Facility Management Association Jan-19 Indikon
International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Jan-19 Indikon
Journal of Facilities Management Jan-19 Indikon
outsourced facilities management services Jan-19 Indikon
outsourcing facilities management Jan-19 Indikon
outsourcing facilities management pros and cons Jan-19 Indikon