About FMCC

The FM Consultants Council supports new and existing FM consultants as they build a career around their workplace expertise. Through geographical and cross-discipline networking, best practices and small business management skills, the council empowers members to step out into the marketplace. This is a noncommercial forum for members to network and share ideas.


Council President
Mrs. Teena Shouse, CFM, IFMA Fellow
Principal/Consultant at FM Transitions

You can join the FM Consultants Council by filling out this form (write in “FMCC” under Component membership, Council membership) and return it with payment to:
International Facility Management Association
P.O. Box 203648
Dallas, TX  75320-3648, USA
or fax to +1-281-974-5650
Questions? Email Ifma@ifma.org or call 713-623-4362

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