FMCC Kit Tuveson Award

The award commemorates Kit Tuveson (1944 – 2015), IFMA Fellow, CFM, SFP, of the Sacramento Valley IFMA Chapter for his personal and professional contributions to the FM Consulting Council, throughout IFMA, and to the FM profession. Kit was renowned as an uplifting and relentlessly positive and enthusiastic colleague, teacher, and friend by several generations of facility managers.

In a phrase — Kit was a consultant’s consultant. He exemplified heart, compassion, empathy, and an unyielding commitment to excellence. Noted as a preeminent facility manager with Hewlett Packard – particularly the Rohnert Park location – Kit embodied the skills, tenacity, and industriousness that not only earned him the respect of HP but it distinguished him as leader and role model among his peers in the facility management industry.


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Kit began his first career while a University of Stanford student with Hewlett Packard as a summer job and then full time upon graduation.  He remained with HP for 37 years.  It was with HP’s enthusiastic support that he was able to fully embrace IFMA.

Kit was made Assistant FM for a new sit in Santa Rosa in the early 1970’s for a new site.  HP decided to build a second site in the Sanoma county and Kit was made its Facility Manager, supervising construction of the 1 ¾ Million square foot facility from the ground up.

In 1993, Kit was transferred to HP corporate headquarters as Global Director of Facility Operations and Global Director of Environmental Health and Safety.  When he retired in 2002, he launched his own consulting business.

For over 30 years, Kit was respected around the world as leader, mentor and educator for IFMA.  He was gifted at relating to his audience.  Kit influenced countless other FM careers as an inspiration and “go to guy”.

Kit was made IFMA Fellow in 2002 and received the Chairman’s Citation in 2014.  This award is just one of Kit’s many legacies to the world of facility management.


The Kit Tuveson award commemorates long time FM consultant, teacher, and FMCC leader Kit Tuveson and his commitment to professional excellence.

The FMCC Kit Tuveson award recognizes and supports achievement in FM consulting practice with emphasis on leadership, knowledge and mentorship. FMCC established this award, recognizing, as Kit did, the essential value of learning and teaching at every career stage. Recipients are selected based on accomplishments, with special attention to guiding and teaching of clients and colleagues. Becoming known in the profession as an innovator and problem solver is also a strong consideration.

The IFMA Facility Management Consultants’ Council is a community of practice that is passionate about establishing and delivering relevant and cutting-edge solutions to practicing facility managers as well as those organizations that routinely rely on their skill sets to sustain and operate their facilities. Kit subscribed to this philosophy


The award, offered yearly, is up to $500. FMCC invites applications from eligible individuals.

Dates –Applications including all relevant documents must be received electronically by the FMCC Secretary or a coordinator selected by and reporting to the Secretary, no later than July 31.

Applicants must arrange for and submit a nomination by a current FMCC Professional member in good standing and not a member of the selection committee.

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Eligibility –To be considered for the award, the applicant(s) must be, on July 31 of the year of the award:

  1. Member of FMCC in good standing and not a previous winner
  2. Member of IFMA for two years prior to July 31 of the year of the award
  3. Currently practicing as an FM consultant
  4. Nominated by an FMCC professional member in good standing (nomination may be requested by the applicant or initiated by the sponsor. In either case, the applicant is responsible for timely submission. The application is not complete lacking a nomination.

Award Process – The award recipient will be selected by an FMCC panel of three members appointed by the President. The panel will include at least one Board member, elected or appointed, who will act as convenor. The panel will notify the Board of their recommendation at or before the regular August Board meeting. The elected Board will then determine by majority vote whether to accept the recommendation of the panel.

Award recipient(s) will be chosen based on evaluation of the substance of the application in five areas: (i) mentorship (ii) work experience, (iii) consulting practice, (iv) service to the profession, (v) professional study and achievement.

FMCC will determine the award recipient(s) by September 1 and notify all applicants.


This award reflects the experience, knowledge, and depth of the Facility Management Consultants Council. Kit Tuveson, the person for whom this award is named, contributed to this council with his insights, knowledge, and wisdom. The council believes that the selection of this awardee promotes the strength of FMCC and advances the ideals that Kit espoused. FMCC celebrates the previous award winners as noted:

Carolyn McGary


Passionate and results-driven facility management professional with over 18 years of industry experience. Proven track record in project management, and serving as a podcast guest, keynote speaker, author, educator, and facilitator. Recognized award winner known for inspiring the next generation of facility management through engaging talks and educational initiatives.
Jerome Penhoat


Jerome Penhoat is a skilled FM Consultant who in his 20 years of experience, has helped guide some of the largest companies in France improve the management of their facilities. Jerome leads a team of 15 that identify opportunities for organizations to outsource their facility management for better results.  Jerome improves facility performance by designing service contracts for organizations while continuing to study the FM industry by looking for models of best practice and by mapping services to the needs of the organizations.  Jerome also guides organizations on the phasing of FM projects for proper monitoring and successful completion.


Cindy Rodych


Cindy began her career in the interior design profession. With the completion of a Master’s of Facility Management, she expanded her skills to include many FM consulting services, ensure the broadest perspective for her clients. Her focus related to FM have included strategic real estate studies, functional programming and workplace strategies, to name just a few.  Cindy has participated in several Academic Research studies that have resulted in furthering the FM profession. She continues to strive to elevate the profession with benefits to both the profession at large, mentoring young professionals and ultimately the clients.


Martin Vaclavik


FM consultant Martin Vaclavik focuses on operations and maintenance practices to establish and maintain healthy and environmentally sustainable workplaces. He is a civil engineering graduate of Czech Technical University in Prague. He holds credentials as BREEAM AP for building design and construction, LEED AP for operations and maintenance, WELL AP, and he is also a SFP candidate. Martin is a colleague and former student of FMCC Board member and IFMA Fellow Ondrej Strup. He now lectures in FM in the Masters degree program.  Martin views sharing of experience and knowledge in consulting as key to serving clients and gaining the confidence of managers and executives with facilities responsibilities to find out about and make use of FM consultants. He has recently written and recorded in the Facilitopics series produced by FM Pipeline Inc. in cooperation with consultant and teacher Alana Dunoff.


David Reynolds



David Reynolds is a founding partner in the FM consultancy Global Facility Management Alliance and an independent Facility Management consultant located in Jackson, Mississippi, U.S. He has a lifelong interest in how people experience the built environment and how the built environment hosts organizations and advances their purposes. His principal interests are in FM organizational problem solving for continuous improvement in performance – whether from financial, customer, internal process, or learning and capability point of view.  He holds degrees in science, engineering, and allied health areas. His pro bono work concerns safe and healthy housing, workplace safety, environmental health, and key process design and measurement.


Markus Groll




Markus Groll is an internationally experienced CEO with expertise in architecture, facilities, and management of projects focused on FM technology and systems for global clients. His primary consulting roles involve implementation and configuration of CMMS, BIM, IWMS, and related systems. A registered architect specializing in commercial design since 1988, he has provided advice and expertise on all aspects of building construction and maintenance. Markus is based in Germany. He has founded and managed companies in Germany, Jordan, and the UAE.  Markus established an IFMA Regional Chapter in Germany in 1999 to promote facilities management practices and standards. He co-authored and taught the German IFMA Planning & Project Management course. He has served on the Board of the FM Consultants Council of IFMA in multiple prominent positions. He is the 2016 Kit Tuveson Award recipient, with proceeds going to creation of a program of IFMA membership and participation for students in widespread global regions.


Stephen Brown


After a successful career in stateside facilities management, Stephen Brown assumed a position with an international portfolio. Since that time, Brown has held senior posts in the Caribbean, UK/Europe, and the Middle East. After more than 20 years managing the built environment for both private and public sector organizations.  Brown founded FM-adviso to support organizations with specialist and credentials training in addition to consulting on operational efficiency, outsourcing, policies and procedures, contract management, environmental matters, and emergency response / business continuity.


Trudy Blight


Inaugural Award


Trudy has been in building industry for 30+ years, fulfilling the roles of owner, consultant and contractor, giving her a unique perspective.  She began in the industry as Interior Design consultant where the world of FM quickly became a focus, understanding that projects live on long past the project completion, impacting both operations and the people that use them.  As an Asset Manager, Government of Canada with a large portfolio in Western Canada and the arctic, her experiences are as broad ranging as the geography.  Her passion to improve the lives of the facility occupants has been the drive to ensure effective, sustainable, quality and inspiring work environments while advancing the organization’s strategic objectives.  She was honoured as an IFMA Fellow, Class of 2021.