FMCC Kit Tuveson Award

The award commemorates Kit Tuveson (1944 – 2015), IFMA Fellow, CFM, SFP, of the Sacramento Valley IFMA Chapter for his personal and professional contributions to the FM Consulting Council, throughout IFMA, and to the FM profession. Kit was renowned as an uplifting and relentlessly positive and enthusiastic colleague, teacher, and friend by several generations of facility managers.

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FMCC Updates Kit Tuveson Award

The Kit Tuveson award commemorates long time FM consultant, teacher, and FMCC leader Kit Tuveson and his commitment to professional excellence.  FMCC invites applications.

The FMCC Kit Tuveson award recognizes and supports achievement in FM consulting practice with emphasis on leadership, knowledge and mentorship.  FMCC established this award, recognizing, as Kit did, the essential value of learning and teaching at every career stage. Recipients are selected based on accomplishments, with special attention to guiding and teaching of clients and colleagues. Becoming known in the profession as an innovator and problem solver is also a strong consideration.

The award, offered yearly, is up to $1500. FMCC invites applications from eligible individuals.

Dates – Applications including all relevant documents must be received electronically by the FMCC Secretary or a coordinator selected by and reporting to the Secretary, no later than July 31.

Applicants must arrange for and submit a nomination by a current FMCC Professional member in good standing and not a member of the selection committee.

FMCC will determine the award recipient(s) by September 1 and notify all applicants.

Eligibility – To be considered for the award, the applicant(s) must be, on July 31 of the year of the award:

  1. Member of FMCC in good standing and not a previous winner
  2. Member of IFMA for two years prior to July 31 of the year of the award
  3. Currently practicing as an FM consultant
  4. Nominated by an FMCC professional member in good standing (nomination may be requested by the applicant or initiated by the sponsor. In either case, the applicant is responsible for timely submission. The application is not complete lacking a nomination.

Award – The award recipient will be selected by an FMCC panel of three members appointed by the President. The panel will include at least one Board member, elected or appointed, who will act as convenor. The panel will notify the Board of their recommendation at or before the regular August Board meeting. The elected Board will then determine by majority vote whether to accept the recommendation of the panel.

Award recipient(s) will be chosen based on evaluation of the substance of the application in five areas: (i) mentorship (ii) work experience, (iii) consulting practice, (iv) service to the profession, (v) professional study and achievement.

FMCC will determine the award recipient(s) by September 1 and notify all applicants.