“Ask the Experts” New Coordinator

Monday, September 30th, 2019

Ask the Experts has appeared bimonthly in FMJ (recently in the extended edition) for years. Mark Sekula, IFMA Fellow, now retired (an FMCC founder, coincidently) poses a hypothetical problem to all FMCC members by mail about a month in advance and asks for short responses, selecting several to publish. Reading “Ask The Experts” gives an impression of remarkable diversity in approaches, priorities, risks, interpretations, and opportunities to be expected when working with FM clients. At the same, the responses come together around unified FM knowledge and competences.

FMCC seeks a coordinator to take over from Mark, beginning with the 2020 January-February edition of the FMJ. The post comes with a procedure, Mark’s willingness to answer questions at the start, and prominence as an FMJ contributor and an outstanding FMCC volunteer.

UPDATE 10/5/19 – FMCC has a volunteer for the Coordinator/Administrator for “Ask the Experts” (announcement at the Annual Meeting at World Workplace), an FM of long experience who should pose interesting scenarios that an FM consultant cannot resist.
Thanks for your consideration.
If you are kicking yourself for missing this opportunity, get in touch? FMCC will certainly have other opportunities, frequently with less or shorter commitments. Some will focus on particular global regions.
Contact David Reynolds (president-fmcc@fmcc-ifma.org)
or globally with your regional director: https://fmcc.ifma.org/about-fmcc/global-liasons/

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