The Military Community

Monday, August 22nd, 2022

IFMA components have a new member, the Military Community.

Mary Ressler, IFMA Director of Membership and Components, asks for interest and interactions by councils and communities with the new arrival. She describes specific opportunities for three roles: Advocate, Wingman and Liaison.

Advocate: One person from each component will work with leadership to facilitate the recruitment and retention of military veterans. This person should have experience working with representatives from a chapter, component or IFMA HQ. One volunteer per component.

Wingman: a member with prior military service will be connected with each new military or veteran member. This person will assist with orientation of the new member. This person should have prior military service and at least 3 years as an IFMA member. One volunteer for each new member.

Liaison: This person will be a link between their component and the military community. The liaison should be able to collaborate and be knowledgeable about IFMA and their component. One volunteer per component.

To volunteer, please take a moment to fill out this form.  More information on each role appears on the form.

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