Using social media to get more out of your visit to World Workplace 2015 by Chris Payne

Friday, October 2nd, 2015

twitterUsing social media to get more out of your visit to World Workplace 2015

World Workplace 2015 begins in Denver in a few days. To get the most out of the event, I have written this article to urge all attending FMCC members to use social media tools to monitor what’s happening in Denver over the duration of World Workplace and to provide you with the tools to post your own regular updates for the online community to view. 

If you’re new to social media, or only use it sparingly, there are some brief guidelines and links to other online sources below that can help you use it more effectively to engage with the online population. Even if you’re skilled at using social media tools, the below guide illustrates the tags and terms that will be used to promote the event as well as some users to follow to get the most out of your attendance.

This is a global event and social media helps in raising the profile of World Workplace and IFMA to a vast online community, while at the same time adding another dimension to your attendance. Take a few minutes to read through the below text and map out your own social media strategy for the days ahead. 

Using Twitter

Twitter is an excellent tool for sending out updates to the online community or for monitoring activities and trends online.  It can easily be set up to operate on most smartphones and tablets and is an ideal companion for sharing insights during your trip to World Workplace.

For a detailed guide on how to set up and use Twitter, I recommend Ken Krogue’s excellent Forbes article at: If you would prefer a brief video introduction, then I also suggest visiting my own ‘Two-minute Twitter ‘YouTube video at:

To access posts from World Workplace, search for the term: #IFMAWW15. Similarly, when you are posting content relative to World Workplace, suffix your post with the same term (or hashtag). This will allow others to find your content, link to it and follow you. 

There are many Twitter users to connect to that share posts about facilities management. To get started, follow @IFMA and @IFMAFMCC and view some of the Tweets that are written and reposted. Alternatively, search for expressions such as: #facilities, #facman, #facilitiesmanagement, #workplace or #FM to view postings relevant to these terms. 

Using Facebook

While Facebook is often considered as being a repository for family updates and party snapshots, there are a significant number of users who regularly post information and updates relevant to the FM industry.  For some guidance on how to use it for business, I suggest a visit to: If you already have a Facebook account, you can create a separate business page to keep your professional and personal postings separate. Visit Facebook’s tutorial on this at:  

For World Workplace, follow IFMA’s Facebook page at: or the FMCC’s Facebook page at: Engage with others by liking and commenting on the posts made or by posting your own updates, images and videos.

Using LinkedIn

Many of us passively use LinkedIn for connecting with people of interest to us within the FM industry. Chances are though, that we are not using it effectively. Pay a visit to the site and read the article: to check how you can optimize your usage.

For World Workplace, join the groups at: (IFMA) and (FMCC) to view and contribute to posts made. 

Using Flickr

Flickr is an online photo sharing website. For guidelines on using Flickr for business, pay a visit to: You can view photographs from World Workplace at: You can also email your photographs of the event directly to: with the subject line of the email being the title for the photograph. 

Using Instagram

Like Flickr, Instagram is also a photo-sharing platform that is tailored to operate from your smart phone or tablet. There is a good overview guide to using Instagram to market your business at:

Much like Twitter, you can make postings on Instagram using #hashtag search terms. For World Workplace, search for the expression ‘#IFMAWW15’ to see relevant posts. If you make a post to Instagram from the event, I suggest you also add the same search term (#IFMAWW15) to your image so that others can find it.

Need More Help?

If you need some more help on using social media to support World Workplace 2015, or you would like to connect to talk through anything social media related, drop me a line on Twitter (@IamChrisDPayne), connect to me on LinkedIn (, or on Facebook ( Alternatively, you could always email me at:

Enjoy World Workplace this year and I wish you every success for your time in Denver.

Chris Payne

Chris Payne, CSS Consultancy & FMCC STAG Member as Social Media Coordinator

Chris works in a consulting capacity to help facilities management providers embed more efficient ways of working within their delivery contracts. With a strong focus on innovation, he contributes to improvement activities through the development of frameworks, software systems and technology to capture and incorporate new ways of working that saves cost and enhances operations.
With over 25 years of experience working on the built environment, Chris has comprehensive insight into the construction and maintenance of facilities within a number of industry sectors, including: social housing, critical environments, defence estates, food processing and commercial office space. In recent years, through the successful delivery of consultancy projects, he has helped clients secure more profitable work by moving beyond standard delivery approaches to find new ways of adding value to facility end-users and occupants.
Based near Glasgow in Scotland, he travels extensively to support an international client base.

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