Scope Development for FM Contracts

Wednesday, May 13th, 2020

The well attended webinar Scope Development 101 for the Most Common FM Contracts presented by Jake Smithwick of the IFMA Research and Benchmarking Institute on May 6 is worth viewing

Jake sets scope of work in the full landscape of building an RFP that will obtain well informed, truly competitive responses that address the needs and circumstances of the issuer, leading to meeting the strategic need at acceptable levels of cost and risk to both parties.

When FM commits to a strategic initiative that will use an outside provider, two resources, used separately or together, can help ensure an effective scope of work.
(1) A Request for Needs (RFN) circulated among vendor organizations that have dealt with related situations can help to clarify suitable objectives and approaches.
(2) A second is to engage and FM consultant able to help organize, defines, and interpret the target and tune the scope of work to generate appropriate responses of suitable value.

The two have the effect of refining perspective toward technical and organizational feasibility, risk, budget, and efficiency.

The 2018 FM Consultants Council of IFMA booklet Need a Consultant, Here’s How and related articles authored by members  and managed by Karla Reid can help in finding and engaging a consultant and describing what a consultant can provide. Several dozen FMCC consultant members list areas of knowledge and experience in a separate Engage page.

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  1. David says:

    In the months since the webinar, I’ve referred back multiple times, as well as steering others here.
    Jake et al., thanks!

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