Workplace Design and Strategic Facilities Planning for Facility Managers

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Workplace Design & Strategic Facilities Planning for Facility Managers with Rich Fanelli and Kayrell Connections

Rich Fanelli, IFMA Fellow, is President/Principal at FM Studios (formerly Fanelli McClain, Inc.) where he has served the facility management community by offering interior architecture, facilities planning, and workplace design for over 40 years. Mike Petrusky asks Rich about his contributions to our FM community through teaching, sharing design expertise and his involvement at the Capital Chapter of IFMA. His strategic approach and belief that “form follows function” allows Rich and his team to deliver interior projects that meet the needs of the end-user and take into account long-term business plans. Rich offers advice to facility managers facing a transformative workplace and encourages professionals to have an open mind and to pursue continuous education. Mike and Rich discuss the importance of collaboration and communication when selling design ideas to your organization’s leadership. They share thoughts on the importance of branding, the future of work and BIM modeling, while also sharing a few timeless books on human connections and advancement.

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