#IFMAFMCC #WorldFMDay Live #Session04 by Rajessh Deb Roy and Shamsher Sindhu "Facility Management Now & What Next: India Perspective 2020" - Recap & Recording

Friday, May 20th, 2016

Rajessh Debroy

Recorded on

  • Delhi:              13.07.2016, 09:30 (9:30 am)
  • Houston:      13.07.2016, 23:00 (11 pm)
  • UTC:               13.07.2016, 04:00 ( 4 am)

Shamsher Sindhu, Executive Vice President, Kotak Infrastructure and Projects, Kotak Mahindra BankMahindra Bank

Rajessh Deb Roy, Director Centillion Technomind


#IFMAFMCC #WorldFMDay Live #Session04 by Rajessh Deb Roy and Shamsher Sindhu (India)

“Facility Management Now & What Next: India Perspective 2020”

Shamsher Sindhu, Executive Vice President- Infrastructure and Projects at Kotak Mahindra Bank
Rajessh Deb Roy, Director Centillion Technomind

Facility Management (FM) is becoming an increasingly important factor in the built environment. In India, the field is still in its infancy. This session views FM in India and changes in the property sector likely to contribute to FM opportunities and challenges. Asset management, space and move management, maintenance management, project management, and real estate portfolio management are areas we will point out. The global facility management market is expected to grow from USD 27.25 billion in 2015 to USD 49.44 billion by 2020, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.7%. This session promotes a mind shift from core FM to FM specialist roles, a world of new opportunities. Economic circumstances have created need for a different kind of workplace and a new breed of workplace manager. Can a mind shift to a fresh start help you reach your goals? The size of the opportunity in 2020 is large but far off..

Topics and Learning Objectives:
What is going to be the “wave-maker” that our Industry needs?
How can you see the big picture now, and what to do? Is collaboration a vital element? How can FM lend leadership and gravitas?
Why have specific FM qualifications have been slow to develop, and their acceptance and use even slower?
What qualifications for a are best choices for your FM career?
FM must evolve from primarily engineering and outsourcing oriented to a wider agenda.
What does India have in store for you? Will you take part?

Learning objectives:

Rajessh Debroy

Rajesh Deb Roy, MBA HR, NEBOSH IGC 3, IOSH, PMP IIM-K Logistic & Supply Management IIT Delhi, Six Sigma Green Belt, Working as Key Account Manager (General Manager Operation) at ISS Facility Services India Pvt limited



Rajesh Deb Roy – Is one of the FM industries most sought after thought leaders, strategists and integrators of People Process & Technology .He has more than 20 years of Facilities Management experience He believes in Power of Human intelligence i.e. Pen is mightier than sword . He believes in aligning and painting together with team’s Big picture Strategy which are designed around building Bigger Better & Brighter future workplaces truly focused at enhancing great user Experience. He believes in order to stay ahead and stand apart, your business needs to sell not just a product, but a promise. One that is fulfilled by delivering consistent, creative customer-brand engagements with an emotional connect seamless experiences that spark brand loyalty and exclusivity. An enterprising leader with the ability to motivate personnel towards achieving organizational objectives and inventing best practices. A sense of humor and grace under pressure.

Rajesh Deb Roy desires to become the best version of self and wishes to keep contributing in creating great place to work for others.

Rajesh Deb Roy is currently working with world’s leading Facility Services company i.e. ISS Facility Services India Pvt limited as KEY Account Manager (General Manager Operations) ,ISS today is the world’s fourth largest private employer serving thousands of both public and private sector customers across 77 countries in the world. Extremely focused at managing your organization’s everyday needs, with an ever Positive attitude to serve & believes in save you money, make your life easier and free you to focus on what you do best. At ISS, taking care of everything related to your facilities, with solutions including cleaning, support services, property services, catering and security. Or you might want the additional savings and efficiencies that come from choosing an integrated solution. Whichever one selects, you can expect quality service and results every day.


Integrated Facility Management Services, Support Services, Property Services, Catering Services, and Security Services

Prior to this he was associated with Worlds Best Brand to work with i.e Vodafone, Telenor, Reliance Communication, Tata Indicom, Coca-Cola & Air-Tel.

Besides work in large Corporates. He holds MBA in HR, IOSH UK, NEBOSH IGC 3 Six Sigma Green Belt, PMP IIM Kozhikode, SCM Logistic management from IIT Delhi, & Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management from ISBM.

Accredited Professional Certified in Safety Media Professional in OHSE UK London approved by ROSPA achieved certificate of attainment in Occupational health safety & Environment approved by Royal society of Accidents prevention England Whales.

Additionally Rajesh is a well-connected Social Media enthusiast & well known author writer, speaker and thought leader.

Follow Rajessh on Twitter:

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Shamsher Sindhu, Executive Vice President Kotak Infrastructure and Projects, Kotak Mahindra Bank


Shamsher has over 23 years’ cross-functional experience in all CRE work streams – Real estate strategies, selection and transactions, Design & built projects, HRM, critical engineering and Facilities management across industry verticals, including 6 years of experience in The Indian Army. Hands-on experience in workplace strategy, portfolio optimization, CRE finance, Physical Security, EHS, Sustainability and Business continuity.

Shamsher is extensively travelled and visited major financial and banking headquarters in London, Singapore Hong Kong & Malaysia to study the Design and Architecture, evolved Workplace standards, fit-out trends, and FM best practices.

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