IFMA FMCC Ask the Experts for September/October 2020 FMJ

Friday, July 10th, 2020

Hello FMCC members, Ask The Experts again, with a special COVID problem involving leadership and well-coordinated FM staff. The theme of the September/October issue is People and Leadership. At this time, the COVID pandemic is still with us, stronger than ever in several large economies and a hazard everywhere. The situation changes daily in each nation, region, location, organization, and facility. The impact on people who use and depend on facilities is momentous.

CHALLENGE: Your client is Director of Facilities for a multi campus urban university of 12000 students, faculty, and staff in a metro area of two million. The university halted in-person classes several months ago. The medical school teaching hospital and health science research facilities, located downtown, remain fully active. The main campus, several miles away, includes dormitories for up to 2100, in rooms and suites of 2-4 students. Living on campus is normally required for 1400 undergraduates in their first year of study. After that, students occupy rental properties off campus, commuting via walking, bicycle, motorbike & motorcycle, automobile, and public transportation streetcar and bus.

The Executive Committee, headed by the university President, wishes to begin reopening in late October, starting with first-year undergrads. They have asked FM to provide assistance and information to help decide which buildings to operate and the resulting numbers that can be accommodated. First year students have priority.

What are the considerations for reoccupying buildings required for lodging, instruction, study, and meals? What data and support will your staff need so that FM can assist the Executive Committee?

RESPONSE:  Please respond to in up to 250 words by July 24 for publication in the September/October issue of FMJ. New to FMCC or an Associate member? Your responses are fully welcome.

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