FMCC Webinar: “Supplier Management & Procurement Strategies for Facility Managers “ Effective strategies for pre-qualifying suppliers

Friday, July 10th, 2015


FMCC Webinar: Supplier Management & Procurement Strategies for Facility Managers

Date: July 23rd, 2015
Time: 1:00 – 2:00 PM Eastern Time Zone (USA)

Tim Schmidt, eBid Systems

Suppliers and service providers are essential to the mission of facility managers in providing quality and cost-effective environments for their customers. Companies that rely on manual processes for qualifying vendors, sourcing new requirements and monitoring vendor contract performance often pay the price in terms of poor quality deliverables, higher prices because of inadequate price competition, and missed deadlines. Establishing and maintaining a pre-qualification process and tracking performance is the first step in ensuring that all service providers have required certifications, training, insurance and meet performance standards.

A Web portal can serve as a convenient tool for self-registration and updating of vendor profiles. An electronic sourcing tool then allows the facility manager to rapidly assess qualified vendors and competitively source product and service requirements to achieve quality and price objectives. With all supplier profiles and sourcing tools available in a centralized system, facility managers can minimize supplier risk, shorten the time for on-boarding new suppliers, ensure they are getting competitive quotes, and be able to document the entire procurement process.

Learning Objectives:

1. Learn effective strategies for pre-qualifying suppliers and service providers to manage risk.
2. Develop a procurement strategy to competitively source products and services.
3. Collaboratively analyze supplier proposals and quotes to make sound procurement decisions.
4. Track historical utilization of contractors and pricing information.

Presenter(s) Biography:


Tim Schmidt, eBid Systems

Mr. Schmidt is a former procurement manager and developer of procurement software. He has participated in the procurement process from every perspective, implemented several procurement applications, and consulted with public and private organizations on ways to streamline and improve their procurement processes. In his role at eBid Systems, Mr. Schmidt is an expert on eBid eXchange eProcurement software and advises customers consulting on industry best practices and how to apply them within eBid eXchange.

eBid eXchange is a top supplier management, sourcing, and supplier contract management software that helps public and private organizations like EMCOR, NATO, and NAI Merin Hunter Codman streamline and automate procurement processes.

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