FMCC Webinar review: “Survival of the Facility Manager”

Friday, June 27th, 2014

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FMCC Webinar: “Survival of the Facility Manager”

Date:June 26, 2014

“Survival of the Facility Manager” Overview: This session discusses how Facility Managers align resources to maximize efficiencies.  Risk increases cost and time.  The FM has constant challenges of smaller budgets, increasing demands, new technologies, sustainability, LEED ratings, forced to consider outsourcing or being out sourced.    The current FM is being put in a reactive, no-win situation.  Can the FM with assistance from their local IFMA chapter be able to reverse the direction of this top-down, cost based trend which has no real solution?   How can the FM and vendor have a win-win?   The new FM role creates a system in which the expert vendor has a performance matrix, pre-plans, risk mitigation, and acts in the best interest of the FM’s organization.   Learn how to transform your team into a winning organization!   It is by moving from a decision making model to an alignment model.  Productivity is not increased by changing worker capability, but by the placement of resources (people, materials, technology, etc.), that maximizes the effectiveness of each component. This promotes high efficiency and performance.   The new FM role now measures all critical elements, creates accountability for all vendors and employees, and promotes high performance.  Having this dominate reporting system allows the FM to know all critical moving parts of the organization. This model is based on over 18 years of research, 1500 tests/projects, $5.7 Billion budget, 95% success rating (client satisfaction). 

Learning Objectives:
• Strategies to minimize costs & risks
• Use of performance measurements
• How to bring value to your organization
• 30,000 ft. approach (leadership perspective)

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 Presenter(s) Biography:


Dean T. Kashiwagi, PhD, PE, IFMA Fellow, Director, Professor, Professional Engineer

Arizona State University, School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment, Performance Based Studies Research Group (PBSRG)

A thought leader in the facility management (FM) and construction industries for more than two decades, he’s a respected adviser and mentor within the association, the public sector, and academic circles. He is a past recipient of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA)’s Distinguished Educator award (2009). He is credited with establishing FM programs at six universities around the world. This includes receiving a Fulbright Scholar award to share state-of-the-art facility and project management research and practices with the people of Botswana, Africa. Dean’s groundbreaking FM Model of the Future graduate program into practice at ASU and was instrumental in the investment of $100 million in the institution for outsourcing food services. A powerful force in the Greater Phoenix Chapter of IFMA, as well as Arizona State University, he has championed programs to advance the FM profession, and continues to prepare the next generation of FMs


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