FMCC Webinar review: “Efficient Repair, Renovation, and Sustainability Project Delivery Methods”

Friday, July 25th, 2014

Recorded on July 24, 2014

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FMCC Webinar: “Efficient Repair, Renovation, and Sustainability Project Delivery Methods”

Peter Cholakis

Date: 24 Jul, 2014

Presenter: Peter Nicoals Cholakis

FMCC Webinar: “Efficient Repair, Renovation, and Sustainability Project Delivery Methods” Overview: The efficient life-cycle management of the built environment is a virtual mandate for most facility Owners due to environmental and economic drivers.   Surprising few Owners however realized the importance of collaborative construction delivery methods such as Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), Job Order Contracting (JOC), and Public Private Partnerships (PPP).   Instead, Owners continue with ad-hoc and antagonistic processes such as design-bid-build.

Fundamental Change

  • Any major improvement must be driven by Owners(or regulatory mandate)  -Owners pay the bills.
  • As long as Owners remain satisfied with the status quo and/or remain unaware/uneducated with respect to improvement methods, lean management processes, and supporting technologies, economic and environmental waste will continue to be rampant.

Key Issues

  • Core understanding of fundamental built environment life-cycle management (BLM) principles and practices remains limited.
  • U.S. BLM knowledge began within the DoDsector, followed by  higher education, healthcare and process-based industry.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Importance and currently available collaborative project delivery methods
  2. Description of key characteristics of a collaborative project delivery method
  3. Roles of Owners, AE’s, Contractors

Importance of standardized information and process-centric technology

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Presenter(s) Biography:

Peter Cholakis

Peter Cholakis
Facility Repair, Renovation, Sustainability, JOC, SABER, IPD, MATOC, SATOC, MAC, POCA, BOA

New Venture Leadership/Growth – Building Information Management, Strategic Capital Planning and Management, High Performance Buildings and Analytics, Lifecycle Costing, Total Cost of Ownership, Real Property Management, Facility Condition Assessment

  • Chief Marketing Officer for 4Clicks Solutions (, leading provider of cost estimating and project management software and solutions to the DOD Sector, and software provider for RSMeansJOCWorks.
  • Former Senior Consultant for RS Means / Reed Business Information –Strategic partnering with BIM and cost estimating software OEMs as well as large end users.
  • Established VFA as thought leader in the facilities consulting and condition assessment industry.
  • Defined the CPMS (Capital Planning and Management Solutions) strategic concept effectively bringing it to a market that VFA dominated for years including the higher education and government segments
  • Exceptional domain knowledge and expertise in facilities lifecycle costs and total cost of ownership applicable to various market segments including corporate and healthcare
  • Seminal thinker on TCO (total cost of ownership) applicable to construction and facilities industry associations including FFC, APPA, NASFA and IFMA

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