FMCC President’s BLOG – May/June 2021

Monday, May 3rd, 2021

As vaccinations are being administered in varying degrees the world over, we can now anticipate the coming end of the Covid pandemic.  The role suddenly placed on facility managers when the pandemic first hit was unprecedented in modern times.  Building Continuity Plans were implemented by following remote work procedures and adapted to address gaps in the plans that the pandemic revealed.

During the pandemic, facility managers often took leading roles in developing new procedures and policies in the workplace – and did so effectively.  I believe our role in making the workplace safe during the pandemic was not a new role for us; safe, clean, and well-maintained facilities have always been our specialty.

A new challenge awaits facility managers regarding the future of remote work and the affect that has on facilities.  Will there be less workers coming in?  Will it be back as it was?  Could there be a hybrid of work from home and office?  We shall see.  I would be interested in hearing your opinions on this topic.

On another note, we are excited here at IFMA FMCC about World FM Day on May 12!
FMCC is hosting the virtual event: Women Consultants and Clients Managing the Built Environment.
To register, FMCC membership is not required, and there is no cost for the event.
More information on this event on the FMCC website:

Women Consultants and Clients Managing the Built Environment – FM Consultants Council FM Consultants Council (

Final note: don’t forget to check out the IFMA FMCC app!

Dale Schuss

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