FMCC President’s BLOG – March 2020

Thursday, March 19th, 2020

Blog in the Time of Corona 

In the February Newsletter, Stephen Brown took up business continuity planning in his article PANDEMIC – The Oft-neglected Threat in Business Continuity. For March, I arranged for an interview with a colleague who is head of facilities for a healthcare organization with 40 properties in operation in a two state area in the southern U.S., but novel corona virus and the COVID-19, the sickness that accompanies infection, has overtaken us all.

We are publishing this edition as usual in the third week of the month. We will follow in a few weeks with a supplement containing a second feature still being written at this time. The feature article in this issue summarizes two conversations that took place over the last week, illustrating how little-known our profession can be among people who could benefit from knowing – and benefit ourselves as well. Why aren’t we, and FM, better known?

The second feature, which will arrive in the future as a supplement, concerns aspects of organizational leadership helpful when encountered in a consulting client. FMCC Board member Daniel Goldsmith has this article underway but is delayed due to the necessities to assist his clients, programs, and students. Daniel will take up leadership, especially concerning selection of people and expectations of performance by a business unit. To us as consultants, that one aspect has a great deal to do with how we experience a client. Expect the supplement in a few weeks.

Everyone stay healthy. Learn whatever we can about critical business needs in a pandemic.


Board Meeting March 25 – Invitation If you would like to join-in the meeting, contact for the link. There are usually about 15 guest spots available.


New Member opportunity – If you are relatively new as a member of FMCC and would like to give an interview, please contact or , or any FMCC Board member. Outside of the U.S., FMCC Regional Directors are available and may better appreciate your circumstances and styles of communication.

We have begun this and will pick up speed. I spoke with new member Frankie Culotta, President of MAPP Maintenance in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S. A. and will be working further with him around finding capable people to staff his growing organization. If you want to join in, give me a note or call?


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FMCC BLOG, March 2020
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