FMCC President’s BLOG – June 2020

Tuesday, June 16th, 2020

This Month’s Feature

In The FM Road Ahead: Preparing for Change & Disruptive Technology, Wayne Collins strengthens the foundations and framework of FM in response to technologies flooding into managing the built environment in all its aspects. This dynamic was in place before COVID arrived, amplifying needs and opportunities. Expectations of demand organizations for FM to make use of technology to ensure performance will remain with us as ongoing change that is ours to manage with our clients.

The tenacity of a culture to hold onto superseded, unproductive, ways of working, almost as though what we do and don’t to as FMs and staff are fundamental to our identity, is a topic that is seeing attention in and out of FM. Outcomes from technologies will arise from the roots and branches of staff acquisition, development and management. This month’s feature examines and conditions people to accommodate change enabled by technology. In July, Wayne will be back to wrangle the technology.

Around FMCC

New and renewing members outreach

Board members have been checking in with new and renewing members during the past few months. Sometimes, we’ve obtained no response after a few tries, but mostly there’s at least a hi, a thanks, an exchange of e-mails, a phone call, or online meeting. Admin Terry Cocherl is tracking results. In a few instances, the connection brings immediate results, for example, FM Consultant Levent Alatli in Istanbul and FMCC Board member and Europe Regional Director Ondrej Strup in Prague conferred about FM organizations in the Czech Republic and Turkey, the place of FM consulting and IFMA in the business culture.


Election of Officers

Joshua Amos of IFMA Components will soon send out ballots for FMCC elected offices. We welcome Trudy Blight of Manitoba, Canada this year, standing for secretary. Please fill out and return the ballot, voting for the candidates offered or writing in. Thanks.

As soon to be (October) Immediate Past President, I relieve Val Moraes of New Zealand, but the Commonwealth has placed a second Canadian on the ballot (Dale Schuss being the other), so that they still outnumber U.S. members 2 to 3 (bit of humor), but this makes all the FMCC officers North Americans. FMCC has members in 44 countries. Please let us hear from you, any time zone, any latitude. We will engage with you and inquire among FMCC members and IFMA if we can he of assistance. Also, FMCC and IFMA All Members Engage are easy to use. See you there?


Ask The Experts

In the July-August e-issue of FMJ, we try out a format where the challenge is unreasonable, but realistic enough. First tier – the C-suite – foresees a space consolidation move within their HQ facility that presently includes a number of tenants and will add more – though in different locations. First tier wants to hear from FM for 10 minutes at their meeting next week. What subjects to include, and what not? Responses are posted via a link in FMJ to a new page of  and click on July/August 2020.



The FMCC website overhaul and update continue. Thanks to Terry Cocherl and Dale Schuss – and the support of Joshua Amos – for many updates, changes, and additions. FMCC Engage and Engage for all IFMA Members show regular activity by several FMCC members. Terry Cocherl now reflects news and events onto Linkedin. Dale Schuss is making steady progress with the FMCC App, not only updating to current people and projects, but adding outside material – a series of videos about what FMs do and who we are. Need a Consultant, Here’s How and the Consultants Directory are not frequent destinations.

Media is an area of need for member participation. If consulting is to be viewed as a diversified and readily available resource by executives with facilities responsibilities, it is our marketing that will bring that about. Media are essential.



FMCC supports IFMA Foundation with donations and participation. Several members are also involved with Facilithon Pipeline Inc. a non-profit working with IFMA chapters in several states and, in the last few years, with American Society for Health Care Engineering (ASHE) affiliated bodies in sponsoring high school and post secondary students in FM competitions held in association with SkillsUSA.


Scholarships for Post-Secondary FM Education

In view of not receiving member proposals for the yearly fellowship award honoring Kit Tuveson, FMCC is now offering scholarship support (or on FMCC App) for post-secondary courses in FM or closely related advanced courses and training.


The Newsletter editors gratefully accept commentary, blogs, news, and anecdotes about your own work, projects, problems, needs, opportunities… The newsletter derives directly from the web site, so your material will appear there, in news, blog, or events.

The FMCC Board welcomes comments, suggestions, and reports of error or malfunction. We keep a to-do list and rework it often. Contact or

FMCC BLOG, June 2020
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