FMCC President’s BLOG – July 2020

Sunday, July 19th, 2020

This Month’s Feature

In this month’s feature article, Wayne Collins launched the first in a series of several articles, The FM Road Ahead. The first title of the series, Preparing for Change & Disruptive Technology concentrated on strengthening the human foundations and organizational framework of FM to be able to produce value using the technologies flooding into our profession. Doing so can be a hefty lift, the article showed, with principles, approaches, and examples. This month’s feature turns to technology, beginning in the quickly becoming familiar OT for transition of workplaces in COVID times. The deeper current is of integration and cloud based applications, affordable and available in view of IT advances.


If you attended (or hear the recording) the July 16 webinar, Short and Long-Term Impacts of COVID-19, hosted by BETA, the Built Environment Technology Alliance, you heard the international panel of FM leaders in commercial real estate Ingrid Fenn, Bill Knightly, Scott Nelson, Sanjay Rishi, and Chandra Dhandapani mention several ways that it is now realistic for technology to cut property management costs. One example was travel, in view of extensive, current building condition and configuration information conveniently obtained and shared.

Around FMCC

New and renewing members outreach and FM Consulting in COVID Times

Board members checking in with new and renewing members continues. At the July Board meeting, officers and regional directors spoke of FM, especially consulting, in their milieu. Regions vary, but initiatives have on the average slowed while operations and routine maintenance continue. With respect to staff development, online learning is more prevalent due in part to restricted travel and as live remote learning improves in features, availability, use, and satisfaction.

Election of Officers and Annual General Meeting

Thank you, those who voted. The Board recommended slate was elected: President Chris Gardner, Vice President Dale Schuss, Secretary Trudy Blight, and Treasurer Daniel Goldsmith.

FMCC has in the past administered the oath to new officers at the Annual General Meeting at World Workplace. The new Board has begun the one-year term then, although the IFMA fiscal year is July through June. Components recently advised that terms of elected office correspond to the fiscal year. FMCC will seat the new Board either at the August monthly meeting, or in September, when the AGM and September monthly meeting will occur together online.


The FMCC website overhaul and update continue. Thanks to Terry Cocherl and Dale Schuss – and the support of Joshua Amos – for many updates, changes, and additions., FMCC Engage, and Engage for all IFMA Members show regular activity by several FMCC members. Terry Cocherl now reflects news and events onto FMCC Linkedin. Dale Schuss is making steady progress with the FMCC App, not only updating with current people and projects, but adding outside material – a series of videos about what FMs do and who we are. Need a Consultant, Here’s How and the Consultants Directory are now frequent destinations.

Media is an area of need for member participation. If consulting is to be viewed as a diversified and readily available resource by executives with facilities responsibilities, it is our marketing that will bring that about. Media are essential.

Scholarships for Post-Secondary FM Education

In view of not receiving member proposals for the yearly fellowship award honoring Kit Tuveson, FMCC is now offering scholarship support (or on FMCC App) for post-secondary courses in FM or closely related advanced courses and training.


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FMCC BLOG, June 2020
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