FMCC President’s BLOG – July 2019 by David Reynolds

Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

Welcome to our fourth newsletter. In June, I introduced a two article series by FMCC member and security consultant Art Crow. In the second installment, in this issue, Art moves from the legal duty to protect to the scope and means of doing so. Two takeaways that distinguish workplace shooting from other hazards in the FM domain: (1) there is usually no concrete warning and in as little as five minutes facility occupants are dead or wounded, and (2) facility owners, managers and law enforcement name incident communications as their first concern – more important than considerations such as when to initiate lockdown or locating people impacted, for example. To a great extent, the key to incident communications is pre-incident communications with staff and law enforcement. That is, following an elementary sequence familiar to FMs for other hazards: identify, analyze as risks, mitigate.

What’s going on in FMCC?

Below is an excerpt from the Board agenda for this month’s meeting, July 17. For most of the period from 2018 Q4 to the present, two officers and several Regional Directors were under too much workload from their day jobs to allow much participation in FMCC. We progressed steadily, though slower than we would have liked. Substantial overhaul of our web site ( and production of the newsletter directly from the web site were essential first steps. As a result, we have been able to add and update content there. Much credit is due to Admin Terry Cocherl for working with IFMA and the newsletter designer. Karla Reid has carried forward Need a Consultant; Here’s How now incorporated in our website. She has produced two principal supplements to Here’s How…, demonstrating its purpose and function.

Our strategies remain just two, as adopted at the Annual General Meeting of October 2018. Together they express that the business of FM consulting is our livelihood and that consulting grows in global regions and business cultures by building familiar, trusted, business relationships. In the past, FMCC demonstrated that IFMA members who are consultants can form networks and offer to FMs at large skills and knowledge in large variety and supply. We now focus on business. Knowledge and skills remain lively areas with new contributions but becoming known for our message and sought for our value is our main challenge now.

Note to Balanced Scorecard practitioners, only tiers 1 and 2 are evident below. We plan to show underway and planned programs and initiatives/projects as tier 3 at first opportunity. This will describe technical level work underway, what to produce, credit volunteers, and list opportunities.

FMCC Strategies

  • Cause FMs to think readily about FM consultants as available, reliable, economical resources that pose little risk.
  • Engage globally, following regional business customs and networks to build familiarity, knowledge, and trust in FM consulting and FMCC

Strategic Objectives

Ready* Impact* Strategic objective Date
3 2 Maintain and continue to improve as communications hub. Emphasize IFMA Engage. 07/17/2019
3 2 Issue newsletter monthly, directly from website. Include at least one original feature article. 07/17/2019
3 2 Evolve, enhance, promote, and monitor Need a Consultant; Here’s How and Consultant Directory. 07/17/2019
2 2 Reach out to and remain involved with FMCC members in their business and career developments. 07/17/2019
2 2 Conduct liaison with IFMA Components, IFMA, and organizations outside of IFMA. 07/17/2019
2 2 Support Regional Directors and their activities and initiatives. 07/17/2019
1 1 Identify our stakeholders. These are our audience. What value do they perceive in FMCC? 07/17/2019
1 1 Attract and engage sponsors in funds or in kind, demonstrating ROI. 07/17/2019
1 1 Evolve FMCC as a brand. 07/17/2019

Ready1, adopted as objective  2, initiative(s) in progress  3, operational, managed, and evolving

Impact: 1, Engages Board and volunteers  2, communicated to FMCC membership, IFMA, other FM, but with little feedback   3, positive value to stakeholders demonstrated by ample feedback

The FMCC Board welcomes comments, suggestions, and reports of error or malfunction. We keep a to-do list and rework it often. Contact or

The Newsletter editors gratefully accept commentary, news, and anecdotes about your own work, projects, and even problems. The newsletter derives directly from the web site, so your material will appear there, in news, blog, or events.


FMCC BLOG, July 2019
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