FMCC President’s BLOG – February 2020

Sunday, February 16th, 2020

Welcome to our eleventh monthly newsletter.

This month’s feature by Stephen Brown shows pandemic in the context of business continuity planning addressable by FMs. In fact, as he shows, FM can and should be the hub of promoting, organizing, and maintaining business continuity plans that are likely to be successful when activated. He opens with a 2019 list from the World Health Organization of the most significant current health risks – ten of them. Most are already well established. Now pandemic piles on. Impacts of both acute and chronic troubles on personal well-being affect economic well-being, and thus facilities and their uses and budgets. Currently, businesses and other organizations in the region of China surrounding Wuhan face recovery of suppliers and customers as well as recovery of people who are ill and will need care. FMs can and should be in the driver’s seat in emergency preparedness and business continuity. Besides, the driver’s seat is better than the hot seat.

Next month’s feature continues the focus on healthy facilities. David Reynolds will interview Jason Lea, CHFM, FM for a medical center and 44 affiliated healthcare facilities in North Mississippi and northwest Alabama.  

Newsletter editor – FMCC Secretary Dale Schuss has moved into the role of Newsletter Editor joining FMCC Administrator Terry Cocherl in production. I continue as assistant but can now devote more work to other aspects of the Council. You may reach Dale or Terry at  If you would welcome an opportunity to network with people in FMCC and IFMA, influence the content and delivery of FM news and views of interest to consultants, and share experiences and knowledge, write a note to The very worst that could happen is that you enjoy some excellent company.


Ask the Expert – James Delgado is conjuring scenarios for the May-June issue of FMJ. By the last day of February, you should receive an invitation to respond with just what to do if your consultant self is roused early on a Monday morning by a caller announcing, “big problem”, or with less urgency, “I think that we need some help”.

Submission deadline will be two weeks after the scenario goes out via MailChimp.  A response of a few hundred words is all we ask. Not much work for exposure to all who receive FMJ (


Board Meeting February 19 Invitation – If you would like to join-in the meeting, contact for the link. There are usually about 15 guest spots available.


New Member Interview opportunity – New members, the Board would like to get acquainted by phone – We’d like to know what brings you to FMCC and how FMCC can benefit you as a member. We plan to call as many as we can. If you get voice mail from someone who claims to be Secretary, Treasurer  Vice President, President, Project Leader, or Regional Director of FMCC, it is almost certainly true. Who would make up something like that!
Your conversation will be brief and informal, but very helpful to help the Board respond.
Old and new members, please feel free to get in touch anytime.
We can talk by Skype, GoTo, Uber conference, Zoom, or just phone. 


The FMCC Board welcomes comments, suggestions, and reports of error or malfunction. We keep a to-do list and rework it often. Contact or

The Newsletter editors gratefully accept commentary, news, and anecdotes about your own work, projects, and even problems. The newsletter derives directly from the web site, so your material will appear there, in news, blog, or events.

FMCC BLOG, February 2020
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