FMCC President’s BLOG – August 2020

Sunday, August 23rd, 2020

This Month’s Feature

This month, Wayne Collins contributes the third feature of his three-part series, The FM Road Ahead. The series began in June with Preparing for Change & Disruptive Technology, concentrating on strengthening the human foundations and organizational framework of FM to be able to produce value using the technologies flooding onto FM. Doing so can be a hefty lift. But we will experience more, driven by demand organization expectations and enabled by OT and IT.   In July Wayne followed with The New FrontierPart one, describing instances of FM operations technology (OT) accelerated into use by the pandemic. The underlying story is of integration and cloud based applications, made affordable, available – even expected.

The FM Road Ahead goes on to destination this month, viewing the ecosystem of FM operations in the current business and technology contexts, with a mindset toward the complexities and particulars of your FM location and circumstances. Sound like too much to cover in a short article? Then take a look. This is concentrated nourishment.

Around FMCC

Val Moraes, IFMA Fellow, Class of 2020

FMCC Past President Val Moraes, who served extra years in this capacity and has volunteered to continue as FMCC Global Liaison, is one of four IFMA members comprising the class of 2020 IFMA Fellow. As an FMCC colleague, Val has been there again and again with initiative, responsiveness, collaboration, perspective, and counsel. Thanks, Val, and congratulations!

New and renewing members outreach and FM Consulting in COVID times

Board members continue checking in with new and renewing Council members. The Board invites you to enjoy a chat or email exchange or Zoom etc. Trust us, this isn’t a volunteer draft – but if you can’t help yourself and wish to volunteer, we will find just the role for you. Just ask. We’re easy to convince.

At the July Board meeting, officers and regional directors spoke of current facilities work and markets, especially FM consulting, in their geographic regions. Regions vary, but on the average, projects not necessitated by the pandemic are slowed, while modified operations and routine maintenance continue. Budgets for the current year and next are in flux.

Preview – Annual General Meeting September 16 and looking ahead

As announced last month President Chris Gardner, Vice President Dale Schuss, Secretary Trudy Blight, and Treasurer Daniel Goldsmith will be sworn in as elected officers at the September 16 Board meeting online. 

Past President Val Moraes has initiated a new role as FMCC World Liaison. The Board’s enthusiastic approval is expected at the August 19 meeting.

With Val remaining active, and the new Board already well acquainted with the routine duties set in the bylaws (Trudy Blight has been part of FMCC governance in the past), FMCC is in a position to build on well established bases. Reaching out to members, maintaining the web site, posting to media, this newsletter, reviving the consultant index on the FMCC app, and Need a Consultant, Here’s How are now basic and reliable.

A promising area to receive renewed effort is engaging members across the globe to find out, understand, and take part in recognition of FM and consultants as a resource.

As Immediate Past President, I look forward to promoting FMCC, especially matching Council initiatives with sponsors.


The FMCC website overhaul and update continue. Thanks to Terry Cocherl and Dale Schuss – and the support of Joshua Amos – for many updates, changes, and additions.,  FMCC Engage, and Engage for all IFMA Members show regular activity by several FMCC members. Terry Cocherl now reflects news and events onto FMCC Linkedin. Dale Schuss is making steady progress with the FMCC App, not only updating to current people and projects, but adding outside material – a series of videos about what FMs do and who we are. Need a Consultant, Here’s How and the Consultants Directory are not frequent destinations.

Media is an area of need for member participation. If consulting is to be viewed as a diversified and readily available resource by executives with facilities responsibilities, it is our marketing that will bring that about. Media are essential.

Reminder – Scholarships for Post-Secondary FM Education

In view of not receiving member proposals for the yearly fellowship award honoring Kit Tuveson, FMCC is now offering scholarship support (or on FMCC App) for post-secondary courses in FM or closely related advanced courses and training.

The Newsletter editors gratefully accept commentary, blogs, news, and anecdotes about your own work, projects, problems, needs, opportunities… The newsletter derives directly from the web site, so your material will appear there, in news, blog, or events.

The FMCC Board welcomes comments, suggestions, and reports of error or malfunction. We keep a to-do list and rework it often. Contact

FMCC BLOG, June 2020
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