FMCC President’s BLOG – August 2019

Tuesday, August 13th, 2019

Welcome to our fifth newsletter. We return this month to the point of view of the FM client toward using a consultant, especially the first time. For the client, if the process and desired results of a consultant engagement are only dimly visible, risks will be even more obscure and hazardous. Does a consultant engagement need to be that way? No. In this month’s feature, Karla Reid thoroughly outlines roles and functions to be present in the client organization leading to selecting and engaging a consultant.

Of the two – client and consultant – the client has a blank sheet at the start, making clear business objectives and complete client organization internal processes essential. The consultant brings experience with diverse clients, cultures, and needs, but these are not a menu. Begin with the end in mind (Covey.) Both minds, client and consultant, must look toward the same end.

What’s going on in FMCC? Please vote for officers, when a ballot arrives from IFMA. This is a busy time, getting ready for the Annual General Meeting at World Workplace. Please attend if you can, It won’t be dull. The September newsletter will preview the meeting program. A limited number may attend on GoToMeeting of not able to make it in person.

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FMCC BLOG, August 2019
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