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Monday, April 13th, 2020

A refreshing feature this month, and looking beyond corona

In a previous Newsletter, FMCC member Stephen Brown (Belize) took up business continuity planning. When the onset of COVID-19 was still a few weeks off in North America, growing fast in southern Europe, and intense in the region around Wuhan in China, FMCC mailed an updated challenge, “With Novel Corona Virus and COVID-19 now affecting us all, what do you wish that you could have given to your organization, your client, your colleagues, that would now make a difference?

Stephen replied that all such incidences teach, but the lessons are forgotten if not documented when recall is fresh. These accounts can be valuable to present FM as resourceful when demand organization executives and business unit leaders update preparedness later. Yes, FM may be pressed into heavy service, as in healthcare facilities, but what if demand for FM services drops sharply? Having a list of work for just such an opportunity gives FM an immediate, substantial answer when Operations and Finance ask for reason to not lay off staff. Another valuable use of a low activity interval would be to stop, get organized, review FM performance and look for opportunities to improve. Update succession planning too.

A recent experience illustrating Stephen’s first recommendation came from Dale Schuss (Canada) who noted that his real estate services company had been diligent in forming a business continuity plan to work from home in an event like the present, though they had not rehearsed the plan in actual conditions. It turned out that some important communication needs were not fully understood, especially by newer staff, resulting in problems that delayed output to clients of needlessly consumed staff time.

The complete responses of Stephen and Dale, along with several more, will appear in May-June FMJ, Electronic Edition.

This month’s feature by Daniel Goldsmith is a break from the corona virus tsunami. Daniel, an independent consultant and faculty member in the Washington DC USA area, treats the core of consultant/client communication: forming and fulfilling expectations. His article proceeds through perceptions, expectations, and engagements at just the right level to be at situational and individual, but universally applicable.  His nod to Corona virus is a nuanced and strongly consequential FM problem among several parties with different stakes where a confident course of FM consultant action is elusive in the time available. The situation could play out in several different ways. Communication is the lynch pin.


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FMCC BLOG, April 2020
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