Who are you? by Stephen Brown

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015


By Stephen Brown (FM-adviso, Ltd.) & FMCC STAG Member. 17 March 2015.

The question that opened the last ‘membership’ blog was simply – “Who are you?”
Below are some further thoughts about how we identify ourselves.

There are so many ways to answer the question…

Answer #1 – You are a member of the human race. That vague answer includes you with the other 7.244 billion inhabitants of earth.

More specifically, the answer might depend on how you see yourself. For example, as time passes, you may consider yourself young or mature, as a son or daughter, husband or wife, as a parent, by nationality, or possibly identified by certain beliefs. Your consideration might be periodically focused to see yourself as the supporter of a sports team, or a patron of the arts, or described by a talent you posess (i.e.- a singer). Some persons identify themselves in the way they display their consumer goods.

I presume you to be a facilities professional. Otherwise, why identify yourself as an FM Consultant or to be aligned with this IFMA/FM Consultants Council?  A contributing factor is that you have confidence in your role and and in your abilities.

So then, consider what that entails. You possess knowledge, awareness, skills, experience, resources, a support structure, communications, and much more. Further, you are interested in sharing these attributes in exchange for some valued consideration.

As a facilities professional, you want to earn recognition and advance your position. One way this is accomplished is by delivering services to your customers. Another means is to contribute to the success of others. Both options exist in FMCC.

  • Your FMCC membership has potential to help identify new business opportunities as you network with others.
  • Being ‘visible’ to others has potential to reveal talents/skills/capacity/etc. that could result in referrals.
  • Your activities can earn recognition and respect from your peers.
  • Your attributes can result in others recognizing your leadership qualities.

It is fair to say that your ‘identity’ includes FMCC Member and that gives you certain privileges.

You can self-promote and absorb information from other members. You can gain tactical and strategic advantages from alliances and from what you learn.

You really should take full advantage of the opportunities that the membership affords.

Remember the FMCC ‘Three Pillars of Service’:

“Knowledge Sharing, Networking, & Business Opportunities”

Now then… where will this identity awareness take you?

Bloggers Bio:


The FM Consultants Council announces the appoinment of Stephen Brown as Membership Coordinator.  As a member of the Strategic and Tactical Action Group of the Council, Stephen will engage the members to maximize the participative value and the mutual benefits gained from the Council involvements.

Stephen is principal with FM-adviso, Ltd. and is on assignment based in Saudi Arabia.

 For information, contact Stephen Brown
Skype – FM-adviso


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