FMJ Ask the Experts 2022 Editorial Calendar

Tuesday, November 16th, 2021

FMCC members have been invited to share their knowledge through submissions of articles for Ask The Experts, in the FMJ.  This is an opportunity for members to highlight their expertise to the broader FM community.  Following is the 2022 calendar:

Issue = January/February edition
Articles due = Friday, Nov. 5, 2021
Subject = Superior Interiors
• The future of the workspace – what comes after open concept?
• Revolutionizing the mobile workforce/gig workforce
• Form and function of the work environment
• The good old days – blasts from the past that still work today
• Built environment – a holistic endeavor

Issue = March/April edition
Articles due = Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2022
Subject = Form Meets Function
• The space question: expand for continued social distancing or reduce for less occupancy?
• Using space as your best amenity
• Vertical transportation innovation
• Point A to Point B (and everywhere in between): How people get around the facility
• How space influences O&M
• Making your facility’s first impression count
• No looking back: The new design of the workplace
• Efficient security for occupant peace of mind

Issue = May/June edition
Articles due = Friday, Mar. 4, 2022
Subject = The Building Portfolio
• Developing the best maintenance plan for a multiple-facility portfolio
• Beyond COVID: How IAQ has changed and will change again
• Designing for productivity in multi-use facilities
• From the outside: landscaping space for its best use
• Adaptive reuse to prolong a facility’s life
• Leveraging AR and AI to plan future redesign
• The first thing you notice
• Choosing the right time to implement tech upgrades
• Defining QA and benchmarks across differently functioning facilities in a portfolio

Issue = July/August edition
Articles due = Friday, Apr. 29, 2022
Subject = Sustainability
• Building and budgeting a long-term sustainability plan
• What FM can learn from implementing sustainability mandates
• Energy efficiency and fiscal responsibility
• Crafting your O&M plan to meet sustainability goals
• Waste solutions for green goals
• Creating sustainability buy-in from the C-Suite to the ground floor
• Why go green?
• What’s next in green tech?
• Weather or not – weather proofing and preparing for your climate
• The Paris Agreement — what comes next/how to comply/working within its parameters
• Biomimicry

September/October edition
Articles due – Friday, Jul. 1, 2022
Subject = FM & People
• Growing the FM industry
• Benchmarking your career
• What’s next in FM credentialing/education?
• Diversity in the industry: How FM can set the example for others to follow
• Harnessing facility information from your most experienced staff members
• What can NextGen FM expect in their career?
• Developing public awareness of FM
• Communication matters • Can FM build on the momentum it gained during the pandemic?
• FM’s influence on CSR
• The changing face of FM
• Hybrid workplaces – the next reinvention
• The job board
• Trends that are changing the FM profession

Issue = November/December edition
Articles due = Friday, Sep. 2, 2022
Subject = FM Finance & Strategy
• Strategic planning for the phase of a facility’s life
• Influencing the C-Suite for long-term success and planning
• Emergency Preparedness & Business Continuity
• Building the budget
• Cost control: balancing efficiency and effectiveness
• Developing public awareness of FM
• Risk management for everyday operations
• Right-sizing your FM staff
• Executing the big FM project
• Proactive asset management
• Change management/in


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