World FM Day 2016: Virtual Conference – Webinar Event by IFMA’s FM Consultants Council

Sunday, June 5th, 2016

The World FM Day 2016 Event Team proudly presents:

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Virtual Conference – Webinar Event by IFMA’s FM Consultants Council

Date:  13 July 2016  –  events between 11-15 July 2016

Join us in a virtual conference on 18 sessions around the world!

Listen to over 25 professionals in our 31 hours long MEGA-session!

All webinars will be available after the event here in our blog, on youtube and as podcasts.



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The theme for World FM Day 2016 is  “Empowering people for a productive world”

Date:  13 July 2016;  events between 11-15 July 2016

Once a year the global facilities management community comes together to celebrate FM on World FM Day .

Duncan Waddell, Chairman of Global FM, said “FM is all about enablement; as a sector we enable people to work, we enable the economy, we enable technology, we enable social interaction – the list is endless. At the crux of all of this is people – and for this year’s World FM Day we aim to highlight how we, as FM professionals, empower people to reach their full potential and in turn create a productive world”.  Read more >

World FM Day is instigated by Global FM to recognise the vital work that facilities management professionals and the facilities management industry contributes to business worldwide. It aims to raise the profile of the FM profession, not just in member regions, but anywhere FMs influence the health, safety, productivity and well-being of people who utilise the built environment. World FM Day provides an opportunity for global knowledge sharing, to discuss and share experiences both good and challenging, to promote our profession and celebrate our successes. It is a day where facilities management professionals use to reflect on their achievements over the past year. See the time zone map here

Session  City/ Country
Time Zone
Title/Content  Speakers Moderator
Auckland: 13.07.2016, 10:00 (10 am)  – Houston: 12.07.2016, 17:00 (  5 pm) – UTC: 12.07.2016, 22:00 (10 pm)
Session 01 Auckland,
New Zealand
Grand Opening of the virtual FMCC Conference on World FM Day 2016 Teena Shouse
Gay Tuttle
 Joshua Amos
Sydney: 13.07.2016, 10:00 (10 am)  – Houston: 12.07.2016, 19:00 (  7 pm) – UTC: 13.07.2016, 00:00 (12 am)
Session 02 Sydney,
Australia East / Japan
Technology – Enabler or Disabler
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Geoff Parnell  Joshua Amos
Bejing/Perth: 13.07.2016, 10:00 (10am) – Houston: 12.07.2016, 21:00 (9pm) – UTC: 13.07.2016, 02:00 (2am)
 Session 03 Beijing/Perth, China/Australia West Smart Cites, Technology Innovation & Their Effect on China’s Facilities
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Paul Doherty Ricardo Crepaldi
Delhi/Mumbai: 13.07.2016, 09:30 (9:30 am) – Houston: 13.07.2016, 23:00 (11 pm) – UTC:  13.07.2016, 04:00 ( 4 am)
 Session 04 Delhi/Mumbai, India Facility Management Now & What Next: India Perspective 2020
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Shamsher Sindhu
Rajessh Deb Roy
Graham Constable
Dubai/Abu Dhabi: 13.07.2016, 10:00 (10 am) – Houston: 13.07.2016, 01:00 ( 1 am) – UTC: 13.07.2016, 06:00 ( 6 am)
Session 05 Dubai/Abu Dhabi, UAE
(Middle East)
Challenging your team during a challenging time – Facilities Management for Mosques & preparing for the holy month of Ramadan
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Ryan Darnell Mohamed
El Agroudy
Riyadh/Cairo: 13.07.2016, 10:30 (10:30 am)- Houston: 13.07.2016, 02:30 (2:30 am) – UTC: 13.07.2016, 07:30 (7:30 am)
Session 06 Riyadh/Cairo, KSA/Egypt
(Near East)
Facility Management in the Middle East, Opportunities and Challenges
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El Agroudy
Ondrej Strup
Prague: 13.07.2016, 11:00 (11 am) – Houston: 13.07.2016, 04:00 (4 am) – UTC: 13.07.2016, 09:00 ( 9 am)
Session 07 Prague, Czech Republic (Eastern Europe) Facility Management in the Central and East Europe (CEE), Opportunities and Challenges
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 Ondrej Strup Ricardo Crepaldi
Munich: 13.07.2016, 12:30 (12:30 pm)  – Houston: 13.07.2016, 05:30 (5:30 am) – UTC: 13.07.2016, 10:30 (10:30 am)
Session 08 Frankfurt, Germany (Central Europe) FMCC Talks!! Meet Presenters, FMCC Board and STAG Members
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 Markus Groll

Ondrej Strup

Lagos: 13.07.2016, 13:00 (1pm) – Houston: 13.07.2016, 07:00 (7pm) – UTC: 13.07.2016, 12:00 (12pm)
Session 09 Lagos, Nigeria Empowering facility managers to empower your people: Investing in quality FM Education and Training
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Collins Osayamwen
Olumide Aina
Joshua Amos
London: 13.07.2016, 14:30 (2:30 pm)  – Houston: 13.07.2016, 08:30 (8:30 am) – UTC: 13.07.2016, 13:30 (1:30 pm)
Session 10 London, UK Outsourcing or Co-sourcing across borders and getting the best and more from your FM provider
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 Mike Liddle  Joshua Amos
São Paulo: 13.07.2016, 12:00 (12 pm)  – Houston: 13.07.2016, 10:00 (10 am) – UTC: 13.07.2016, 15:00 (3 pm)
Session 11 São Paulo, Brazil The Importance of the facilities governance in the post-crisis, actions and opportunities – A importância da governança em facilities no pós-crise, ações e oportunidad es
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Francisco Abrantes
Ricardo Crepaldi
 Joshua Amos
Cayman Islands: 13.07.2016, 11:30 (11:30am) – Houston: 13.07.2016, 11:30 (11:30am) – UTC: 13.07.2016, 16:30 (4:30pm)
Session 12 George Town, Cayman Islands Start with a Spark – How to motivate your employees to show greater initiative, to do more and to achieve higher performance
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Stephen Brown  Joshua Amos
Toronto/Washington DC: 13.07.2016, 14:00 (2pm) – Houston: 13.07.2016, 13:00 (1pm) – UTC: 13.07.2016,18:00(6pm)
Session 13 Toronto/Washington DC,
Canada/USA (Eastern Time Zone)
Pumping Up Your Profession : Selling FM in your Organization
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Michel Theriault  Joshua Amos
Houston: 13.07.2016, 15:00 (3pm) – UTC: 13.07.2016, 20:00 (8pm)
Session 14 Houston TX, USA
(Central Time Zone) 
Learn how to maximize your wins and minimize your losses through your successful FM consultant relationships

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Mark Sekula
Teena Shouse

Peter Stroup
Darlene Frantz
Richard Fanelli
Joshua Amos
Denver: 13.07.2016, 16:00 (4pm) – Houston: 13.07.2016, 17:00 (5pm) – London/Bristol: 13.07.2016, 23:00 (11pm)
UTC: 13.07.2016, 22:00 (10pm)
Session 15 Denver CO, USA (Mountain Time Zone)  I’ll buy that workplace. Can I drive it away today? – “Workspace as a Service (WaaS): is your ‘aaS’ ready?”
unfortunately canceled due to illness!
Paul Carder Joshua Amos 
San Francisco: 13.07.2016, 17:00 (5pm) – Houston: 13.07.2016, 19:00 (7pm) – UTC: 14.07.2016, 00:00 (12am)
Session 16 San Francisco/Vancouver, Canada/USA (Pacific Time Zone) IFMA’s Knowledge Library- A Strategic Step in Providing Resources
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Bill Conley
Chris Leake
Joshua Amos
 Melbourne: 14.07.2016, 12:00 (12 pm)  – Houston: 13.07.2016, 21:00 (  9 pm) – UTC: 14.07.2016, 02:00 (2 am)
Session 17 Melbourne, Australia  Integrating FM into design and build processes
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Martin Leitch  David Reynolds
Auckland: 14.07.2016, 16:00 (4 pm)  – Houston: 13.07.2016, 23:00 (11 pm) – UTC: 14.07.2016, 04:00 ( 4 am)
Session 18  Auckland, New Zealand World FM Day Wrap-up and Closing – What themes emerge? What are the implications?
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Val Moraes
David Reynolds
David Reynolds


World FM Day 2016 – The FMCC Event Team:

Ondrej-1Teena Shousejamosmgroll

Ondrej Strup, IFMA FellowFMCC Board Member as Secretary
David Reynolds – FMCC STAG 1st Co-Chair and Podcast & Audio Coordinator
Teena Shouse, IFMA Fellow – FMCC Baord Members as President-Elect
Joshua Amos – Component Liaison at IFMA

Markus GrollFMCC Board Member as 1st Vice President & STAG Liaison


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