World FM Day 2015: Virtual Conference – Webinar Event by IFMA’s FM Consultants Council ‘Building Resilience for the Future’

Sunday, May 31st, 2015


World FM Day 2015
Virtual Conference by IFMA’s FM Consultants Council ‘Building Resilience for the Future’





The focus for World FM Day 2015 is ‘Building Resilience for the Future’.

“Around the world we face a variety of challenges whether that’s political upheaval, energy crises, extreme weather or challenging economic conditions – and it’s great facilities management that can help us get through these challenging situations and mitigate the risk to businesses and the general public.” Said Duncan Waddell Chairman of Global FM. “This year’s theme will help to reinforce and remind the business community, governments and the general public that FM professionals play a key role in building resilience and achieve this in a number of ways. We plan to demonstrate this through a series of events which will take place in our member countries.” ( Press release by Global FM)

IFMA’s FM Consultants Council is celebrating this year the World FM Day 2015 by a virtual conference around the globe.

We proudly present 6 educational, strategic and trend-setting sessions, starting in Australia and continuing in China, India, The Middle East, Eastern and Central Europe and closing in the United States of America. More than 15 presenters are coming from different countries as New Zealand, Australia, India, The Netherlands, Canada, Germany, the UK and the United States.

The presentations serve a wide range of topics related to IFMA’s Core Competencies, FM consultancy, Marketing/Social Media, Facility Management in General, Facility Management Visions, Workplace Management Strategies, Sustainability and more forward-looking trends.

The FMCC does now a further step on the path to reach FMCC’s Vision:

FMCC’s Vision is “to be the resource and voice for Facility Management Consultants worldwide to leverage our collective expertise to benefit IFMA members and the Facility Management profession“. 

Our 3 Pillars of Service are:

“Knowledge Sharing, Networking, & Business Opportunities”

This event is also a further initiative by the FMCC Board and STAG to strengthen FMCC’s and IFMA’s visibility in the “Eastern Hemisphere” and to show how we start to cooperate and earn value by our FMCC membership.

Please join us on our 20-hours celebrations as scheduled below or any other event by Global FM, IFMA and FMCC.

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