WELL Health-Safety Rating – What’s it about?

Wednesday, April 14th, 2021

WELL Health-Safety Rating: purpose, certification, and accreditation – an OMHS member responds to the question well, what distinguishes WELL?

FMs engaged with health and safety regularly encounter occupant, owner/operator, community, and other stakeholder interests in green O&M practices, green building, and the relationship of green to health and safety. Green organizations and advocates are all around and heard from enough to make impressions. But when do we get the occasion to look closer? Several members of OMHS mentioned WELL building, certification, and distinguishing characteristics, noting that WELL made itself known for direct concern with health and well-being of occupants as a primary objective, rather than directly addressing the built environment as a factor. Our small gathering on line had pretty limited familiarity with the subject, thus the article WELL Health-Safety Rating – What’s is it about? in the attached file.
David Reynolds, CFM
FM Consultant and Immediate Past President, FM Consultants Council of IFMA and OMHS SAG member
Jackson MS
+1 504 481 2627

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