Volunteer Opportunities

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

The last several months have brought updates in FMCC strategies, opening volunteer opportunities that can be brief or narrow, such as pilot projects, or recurring programs. To aid volunteering, both the experience and to obtain results, STAG has undertaken a trial of online capability to allow volunteers to sign up for specific work and to manage their own interests and availability. “FMCC Management” is an online location where summaries of FMCC work underway or planned can be viewed along with opportunities to become involved. Volunteers can describe their availability and interest in the areas listed, as well as see the leader of the program and also who has already signed up. The site requires no login. The pilot version is simple and free to FMCC, but very basic and replete with ads.  Only a few projects appear presently, more to follow.  Go have a look – Reserve a spot. Please contact Ricardo Crepaldi and David Reynolds with any questions.

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