Taking the pain out of the building turnover process Webinar

Monday, October 3rd, 2022

Organizations that own, operate, and maintain buildings frequently have the opportunity to move into brand new or renovated, state-of-the-art buildings. However, the turnover process of moving from the construction phase into the operational phase often creates much angst and trepidation among the facilities team. With early and proper planning this can be avoided.

By recognizing, appreciating, and addressing the unique needs of the building’s “end users” (e.g., maintenance techs, custodians, access control teams, safety and security teams, building controls techs, etc.) early on, the turnover process can actually be exciting! Future operators, maintainers, and occupants won’t be able to wait to “get the keys” to the building.

Key tasks for the turnover process include selecting key stakeholders, hiring additional labor to operate and maintain the new facility, developing and implementing an asset management program, selecting and purchasing the equipment to maintain the new building, managing warranties and maintenance agreements, and more.

The webinar has practical information to help guide your facilities management organizations to streamline and optimize the turnover process to reduce or eliminate the stress of moving into a new building.


  • Define the process of “Building Turnover” and discuss why it needs to start early in the design phase
  • Identify the unique needs of the facilities team who will be operating and maintaining the building
  • Determine key stakeholders who should be intimately involved with planning the turnover process
  • Establish the major or critical tasks to include during planning discussions
  • Discuss how an organization can develop a team focused on planning and executing building turnover activities

The highly attended (approx. 200 logged in on October 12)  webinar focused on taking the pain out of the building turnover process from construction to operations is now available as a recording, accompanying resources and slide deck.

Thanks to IFMA (Andremarie Jean, host) and FMCC member Doug (Lit) Litwiller of Building Maintenance Optimization Consultants for presenting the program simultaneously on social media.

The topic is more and more of value for FM as building systems, their operation & management, and corresponding information multiplies.

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