Small Bites – Change

Tuesday, April 9th, 2024

Its currently April 2024 and around the globe this is the season of change. Change in the weather and change in daylight hours are the typical change adjustments we make.

But other changes are afoot …

  • Technological change – AI, ChatGPT, Digital Transformation etc. 
  • Climate/weather, sustainability, ESG reporting;
  • Energy sourcing and back-up;
  • Emergency preparedness and resilience;
  • Leadership focus changes;
  • Collaboration/global learning;
  • Succession planning as demographics shift, Boomers age & retire;
  • The classic office workspace has changed;
  • Construction technology is changing …

Facility Managers are accustomed to change as they manage facilities and occupant needs over lengthy life-cycles. However, many changes have become less predictable yet require adequate response and resilience to protect physical assets and systems in on-going challenging times.

How are you and your team adjusting to changes? How are you preparing?

 “The Future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour, whatever he/she does, whomever he/she is.”

C.S. Lewis reminds us in the quote above, no one gets any special privilege regarding the future. We all need to prepare for change.

Kathleen Lausman MBA, BES (Arch)
President, FMCC

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