FMCC Volunteering Leads to Consulting Success

Friday, January 19th, 2018

Global Facility Management Alliance (GFMA) roots lie in the world’s biggest FM organization – all GFMA founders (Stephen Brown, Markus Groll and David Reynolds) are members of IFMA and IFMA FM Consultations Council.  In 2013 the IFMA FMCC Board established the STAG (Strategic and Tactical Action Group), where they were and still are intensively working together in the fields “Membership, Professional Development and Marketing”.  As an acknowledgment for their volunteering, the council achieved the “Council of the Year Award” and “Council Award for Programs & Professional Development” in 2015.  But the greatest benefit was the unwavering confidence and belief in each other derived from their collaborative volunteer efforts.   That is what motivated them to pool their knowledge and expertise in a new business venture – GFMA.  To learn more, visit GFMA’s website at

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