Sharing for Success

Monday, January 22nd, 2018

FMCC’s Board has approved a course of action to establish a program called ‘Sharing for Success’. This program is intended to implement expanded opportunities for networking and mentoring for persons who want to pursue FM consulting as a career and to enhance their current position.

Sharing for Success has been outlined as a program to invite small groups of participants – including students – to join with existing FM practitioners and consultants to acquire or improve practical skills and awareness in the FM industry. FMCC has realized initial success in this endeavor with the team now familiarly known as the Global Facility Management Alliance (GFMA).

Representative outcome
GFMA includes three IFMA FMCC members who have established a global consortium and partnered to provide expanded consulting services. They also combined their expertise to develop an analytics program called A² to measure the FM capability and maturity of client organizations. The GFMA team realized a new business opportunity that is unprecedented in its position.

This initial success for GFMA revealed the platform for Sharing for Success to be replicated for other teams to follow.

Potential results
Team activities can involve diverse activities. These include business development, FM research, and to explore opportunities to enable FMCC members to expand the scale of their endeavors. The only limitations in Sharing for Success lies in the imagination and innovation of the participants.

Your Personal Invitation 
The purpose of your response is to identify your interest and to invite your participation in Sharing for Success. FMCC asks that you consider the goals and objectives and the potential that the business opportunities can deliver.
Click HERE for a questionnaire to communicate your interest.

Please complete the questionnaire and submit it to
The responses will enable the FMCC team to associate and introduce the right mix of participants in the program. The Sharing for Success teams will be initially planned as compatible small groups with regional focus.

IFMA’s FMCC will provide support toward delivering opportunities and making this program a success.

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