The Hidden Secret of Sustainable FM Partnerships, Selecting an Expert (Trusted Advisor) vs. a Supplier by Glenn Hodge

Wednesday, March 28th, 2018

FMCC member Glenn Hodge has completed the newest FMCC white paper “The Hidden Secret of Sustainable FM Partnerships, Selecting an Expert (Trusted Advisor) vs. a Supplier”.

Glenn has over 30 years’ experience in engineering, finance, operations, and sales. He excels in developing value propositions for both clients and his company through consultative sales. He combines organizational and process management, relationship building, and solution development skills to execute and deliver projects, programs, and key strategic initiatives while building high performing teams. Glenn applies a strong engineering/ technical background with business development expertise to expertly manage multi-million dollar and multiple service line projects. His presentations inform and persuade employees, clients, and senior leadership across operational and technical organizations, building stakeholder buy-in and creating the right environment for project go-live and handover.
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Readers’ Comments:

Graham Constable, FM Consultant and FMCC Member, Sydney, Australia
…good detail and worthwhile recommendations to support outsourcing. I advise clients before they consider the outsourcing route to fully understand their business: costs, culture, skill sets, technical capabilities, management capabilities, at least.

David Reynolds, FM Consultant and FMCC Member, Jackson, Mississippi, U.S.
Glenn Hodge leads off with a valid premise familiar to FMs: manage facilities for business value, making choices and creating opportunities that best serve enterprise strategies and goals. Optimizing the experience of the occupants with the built environment is an essential element. But how does an FM organization do that if the choice is to outsource? The paper acknowledges the difficulty and necessity of finding and choosing among expert FM providers, then proceeds to describe and illustrate a process of doing so as an expert. A principal finding for me is to set up a sourcing model (a consensus including economic and relationship aspects) at the start. This will be the foundation for procurement steps from start to finish. I was encouraged to see that the approach and processes that the author describes with thoroughness reflecting his experiences in the corporate world will adapt readily to enable smaller enterprises to obtain comparable results when using outsourced FM services.

Teena Shouse, RCFM, IFMA Fellow, FMCC President, Kansas, U.S.
Glenn makes some very good observations and suggestions regarding the true value the facility management services bring to an organization, whether the services are outsourced, provided in-house, or a mix. He emphasizes building and maintaining a true connection, a partnership, between the internal or external client who receives the services, and the FM provider. Having managed a large corporate headquarters, I can attest to the truth of that. When our FM organization was in complete alignment with the corporate mission, vision, and values, we knew exactly what to offer, to set reasonable goals, and to enable people beyond FM to work well wherever the built environment had an influence. Whether FM goals involved innovation, or creating a vibrant clean and safe working environment, value was paramount. I strongly agree with Glenn’s observations about culture, especially that an outsourced provider must be a perfect match. Of course, expertise of the provider is essential.  My experience as an in-house and outsource FM services provider leads me to echo Glenn’s assertion about value in the long term. In that regard, the most important element in a new relationship with an FM provider is the transformational plan. Start out in perfect alignment and be prepared to make adjustments and improvements. Strains early in a relationship are difficult to correct.  Thank you so much for this article Glenn. I know that many of our FMCC members and others will find it a valuable resource.

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