FMCC President’s BLOG – September/October 2023

Monday, September 25th, 2023

I am ending my role as the President of the FM Consultants Council this year, having been in that position since February of 2021. I thank the great volunteer work of our entire Board for their help and support during that time. We have had much success and some challenges including – in no particular order:

– Adding Directors based in Australia and China
– Membership Engagement
– Kit Tuveson Award Criteria Changes
– Sponsoring/holding events
– Town Hall Meeting – from annual to more frequent?
– Recruitment
– Social Media revamp on LinkedIn
– Newsletters to Small Bites
– Ask the Experts Feature
– Website Changes and Improvements
– Reach Out to Associates and Young Professionals
– Increasing Membership
– Global Region Realignment
– Periodic Change in Meeting Times

None of the above are complete – it’s continual work for us to improve on, change, enhance or re-think. We can also look forward to new ideas and initiatives to adopt as offerings, whether they become core deliverables, or one-offs.

It was a great pleasure to hold the President role of the FMCC for the past 32 months – I look forward to working with the new executive, including our incoming President, Kathleen Lausman.

Thank you all again.


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