FMCC President’s BLOG – January/February 2024

Thursday, March 28th, 2024

We’ve flipped the calendar and are forging into 2024, but a short time span from now to reaching the first quarter of the 21st century. No matter what calendar we adhere to, tomorrow is another day in the cycle of life and/or the cycle of seasons for Facility Management.
December is typically the holiday season culminating with a celebration of the dawn of a new year. A time for family and friends, great food and a change in weather. A time of reflection and resolution.
So, let’s reflect on the Facility/Asset Managers working during this time keeping airports running; hospitals open; stadiums and arena ready for the crowds; apartment buildings warm/cool; office buildings running; ski resorts operational; community water/waste treatment facilities operating; shopping centers accessible; police and fire department buildings at the ready and the power grid delivering power – all to support the celebrations of the season.
Typically, the biggest challenge is weather – which Facility Managers do not control but through experience and risk management strategies are able to deliver a proper response and keep facilities operational.
It’s important to remember the future is never written in advance; it’s the product of what’s done on a day-to-day basis. Through constant reflection and frequent adjustment, the learning continues, creating a positive service experience customers depend on.

Happy 2024 Facility Managers!
Kathleen Lausman
President, FMCC

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