Podcast 2015-13 Everything You Wanted to Know About Social Media, But Were Too Afraid To Ask

Thursday, August 6th, 2015

Chris PayneMarkus Groll

Chris Payne and Markus Groll join David Reynolds on the topic of social media in FM. This podcast immediately followed their World FM Day webinar, “Everything You Wanted to Know About Social Media, But Were Too Afraid To Ask.” Markus, trained as an architect and commercial designer, has 25 + years as a senior consultant to major clients in implementation and use of software systems employed over the facility life cycle. Chris, also with over 25 years’ experience, focuses on adding value in the delivery of FM services, especially through innovation.
Internet, portable devices, and the Internet of Things are carrying FM forward in promising ways, but at the same time consume time and energy in a flood of communications and information. In this brief podcast, Chris and Markus acknowledge the problem from the point of view of the individual FM, especially if you are a consultant. They quickly follow with approaches already underway by organizations to use current generation social media to help with responsiveness and reducing the role of e-mail. Turning to the Internet of Things, they see large potential, but security remains an issue. Is your refrigerator forwarding SPAM, instead of just keeping it cold? – Join the Podcast on Social Media for Facility Managers

soundLearn more and listen @  FM Consultants Podcast 2015-13: Discussion by Chris Payne (UK), Markus Groll (Germany) & David Reynolds (USA)

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