Podcast 2015-11 Benchmarking: It’s Much More Than Just a Bunch of Numbers

Thursday, July 9th, 2015

Teena Shouse

Today’s title is Benchmarking: It’s Much More Than Just a Bunch of Numbers.
In this FMCC Podcast, recorded May 28, 2015, Teena Shouse, CFM and IFMA fellow, joins Chris Payne and David Reynolds to discuss benchmarking. The value that benchmarking can deliver to FM in evaluating progress and results depends on accuracy and clear understanding of data. Teena argues for measurements that are few in number, key to performance, and especially useful in the context of a Balanced Scorecard. Balanced Scorecard can keep objectives and goals clear and well aligned among all groups with a stake. Can FM work management, facility information, and other technologies, which are becoming progressively more integrated in BIM (Building Information Modeling), “big data”, and analytics, serve in forming and utilizing benchmarks? In a podcast of just a few minutes, Teena surrounds the subject.

soundLearn more and listen @  FM Consultants Podcast 2015-11 – Discussion by Teena Shouse (USA), David Reynolds (USA) & Chris Payne (UK)

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