Podcast 2015-10 Communication in Consulting Projects

Thursday, June 25th, 2015

Kit TuvesonBill Conely

Kit Tuveson and Bill Conely condense a wealth of FM experience with consulting project communications into a few minutes of accurate and sharply focused guidance on a topic that can never receive too much attention.  Bill begins by asserting that the consultant carries the load for project communication concerning every project member, activity, and development: current and future. A consultant can never communicate too much, nor too well, nor receive too much feedback, even when progress is steady and uneventful – and especially when not. Staying positive doesn’t get the job done on its own, but nothing else works nearly as well without it.

How does a consultant know what, when, and whether project communications are working? Kit engages this question by collecting the communication tools available and dialog with the client as to which to employ, in what style, when, how, and how to make adjustments when needed.  A client should experience a consultant as proactive and transparent, exceeding expectations in communication. Doing so stands against the hazards that hide in assumptions that work is going smoothly, on the way to the next milepost, and more after.  Assume everything is fine until it turns out that it’s not?  Bad idea. Communication is how you and your client will know what’s happening, and what to do.

soundLearn more and listen @ FM Consultants Podcast 2015-10 – Discussion by Kit Tuveson (USA), Bill Conely (USA) and David Reynolds (USA)

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