Podcast 2015-08 The Future of FM Technology

Thursday, June 11th, 2015

Ted RitterJoachim Hohmann

Dr. Joachim Hohmann and Ted Ritter (of Germany and U.S. respectively) are partners in surveying of FM technology use and trends.  On the date of this podcast, they presented a much longer FMCC webinar (archive available), detailing the background and implications arising from the subjects this brief interview.

What approaches can a consultant use to ensure value to a client over the life cycle of a technology? Prof. Hohmann focuses on the life cycle itself, as the hub of a project that introduces a critical technology, emphasizing that, at the present time, a technology should realize value promptly to meet a life cycle of approximately five years.  Ted Ritter outlines the technical and organizational characteristics and trends making a short a life cycle feasible and desirable: cloud computing, viewing technology as an operating expense versus a capital expense, and pushing down technology decisions to business line managers.  Despite globalization of technology, a consultant must be mindful of customs and expectations in the client’s country in guiding the Project.

soundLearn more and listen @ FM Consultants Podcast 2015-08 – Discussion by Ted Ritter (USA), Joachim Hohmann (Germany) and David Reynolds (USA)

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