Join the IFMA FMCC in our celebration of World FM Day 2018

Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

Join the IFMA FMCC in our celebration of World FM Day 2018.

From Tuesday evening (CDT) May 15 to Thursday early morning, May 17, the FM Consulting Council (FMCC) of IFMA will air 9 presentations and discussions of 30 to 45 minutes each, going once around the world. You will hear and be able to visit live with FM leaders in a variety of places and situations where FM technologies, of necessity and opportunity, serve to sustain organizations with stakes in the built environment.
For a program list and registration for each session, see below.

The links below are 2 audio productions, one of 2 minutes and one of 15 minutes, that give the flavor of the sessions. Mike Petrusky, who produced the FM Innovator series, now the Workplace Innovator, conducted preliminary interviews with speakers from three of the nine sessions and mixed their conversations around the fast developing territory of FM technology and sustaining the built environment of organizations and enterprises in that milieu.

Listen below to the 2-minute podcast used for promotion of IFMA FMCC World FM Day 2018:

In this link here you can see the Full 15-minute podcast program

See below the global map of IFMA FMCC World FM Day 2018:

The FMCC World FM Day program will have an Opening (O), 6 live discussions that are both regional and universal, and a wrap-up and Closing (C).  Sessions are timed to be available during waking hours.


Opening Session: FMCC Presentations for World FM Day 2018
presented by IFMA, FMCC and RICS Guests

Moderator: Mike Petrusky

Tuesday, May 15th
7:00 – 7:45 Eastern

Lively and quick interviews about what’s coming up – animated by Mike Petrusky, who brought us a year of 86 podcasts of the FM Innovator, and has now begun the Workplace Innovator. Tony Keane (IFMA President & CEO), Teena Shouse (FMCC President), Ricardo Crepaldi (FMCC STAG Chair) and the RICS guests will be in Mike’s conversational circle, and very possibly a surprise guest known to all. Come spend a few moments with us and see what’s coming up in 1/2 hour long, hard hitting programs in the day ahead.


Crosspoint Between FM Technology and Sustainability
presented by Goran Milanov (Vice Chairman EuroFM)

Moderator: Val Moraes

Wednesday, May 16th
2:00 AM – 2:45 AM Eastern

The guidelines of management standards EN 15 221 and ISO 41001 answer why FM is a strategically important discipline in the management, operation and maintenance of the workplace and its assets, strongly influencing operational efficiencies and sustaining the workplace, and the business itself.
How does current FM technology enter into this picture to sustain our facilities and the organizations? How does FM technology offer strategic opportunities as well as tactical benefits?

FM Technology and Sustainability, an African Perspective
presented by Olumide Ania

Moderator: Ondrej Strup

Wednesday, May 16th
6:00 AM – 6:45 AM Eastern


Presenter Olumide Aina joined in the creation and development of the ISO 41000 series – for FM – as a member of Technical Committee 267 (ISO/TC 267- WG1.) His perspective is wide and his view is long.


What Works Now & What is Ahead
presented by Paul Doherty

Moderator: Mohamed El Agroudy

Wednesday, May 16th
12:45 PM – 1:45 AM Eastern

Paul Doherty of The Digit Group (TDG) will return to IFMA as a guest of the FM Consultants Council for his third World FM Day appearance. Smart Cities, the term used by Paul whether for tall buildings or a village, derive from comprehensive design, implementation, and operations technologies to create safe, comfortable, energy and water conserving, built environments, complete and appropriate for site and circumstances, sustainable in every sense. Smart Cities solutions exist already in China, Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East, Europe and throughout the USA. We invite you to join in for a Smart Cities update – what works now and what is ahead.


IT in FM Now, a Special Session by IFMA IT Community of Practice 
Presented by Ted Ritter, Geoff WilliamsLaura Svitak  and other ITC SAG members.

Moderator: Ted Ritter

Wednesday, May 16th
11:00 AM- 12:00 PM Eastern

Special presentation by Ted Ritter, Geoff Williams, Laura Svitak and other ITC SAG members.


Technology and Sustainability, a South American Perspective
presented by Julián Albinati

Moderator: Ricardo Crepaldi

Wednesday, May 16th 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM Eastern

With 20+ years in Real Estate, Facilities & Workplace Management consultancy services in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela, USA and Europe, and co-author of “El libro del Facility Management” and “Sustentabilidad en Real Estate”, as well as speaker and professional association roles, Julian has a long and deep perspective toward FM business development. Come and share his view ahead.



Bold Questions About FM
presented by Meredith Thatcher and Ryan Peni

Moderator: David Reynolds

Wednesday, May 16th
5:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Fellow FMs, are your messages clear to the people who hold the purse strings? Why spend money on an asset? Those are impressive data and explanations; so what? What have you done today, simply put? This project, move, acquisition, sale, process, result sought, change… what value does it bring toward what organization goal/purpose and how do we best work to that? Do we need to do this – whatever? We know our costs; do we know just as accurately our value, to what occupants and what business goals/purposes?
FM consultants Meredith Thatcher and Ryan Peni wrangle business situations where right FM makes a difference. They have the planet surrounded. Meredith works from Ottawa in eastern Canada, Ryan from the west coast of New Zealand. Find both on Linkedin, and in a variety of IFMA roles.


Can Too Many Properties and Priorities Run You Over
presented by Graham Tier

Moderator: Jessica Bickel

Wednesday, May 16th
8:00 PM – 8:45 PM Eastern

Is there a limit to how many, how large, how varied, how dynamic… properties and priorities can be for FM to be effective? No, in a word. But if we’re going to wrestle a dragon and not get scorched, we need approaches and methods that can answer to the goals and strategies of the organization or business reliably, without killing us. Raise your swords and join Graham Tier and Jessica Bickel in some powerful FM.


FMCC Presentations for World FM Day 2018 Wrap-up

presented by IFMA, FMCC and RICS Guests

Moderator: Daniel Goldsmith

Thursday, May 17th
8:00 AM – 8:30 AM Eastern

Daniel is a STAG member and the current coordinator of annual IFMA FMCC Kit Tuveson Scholarship Award that selects a recipient for this Award that is for an exemplary contributor to IFMA’s Facility Management Consultants Council. Bill O’Neill (IFMA Chairman), David Reynolds (FMCC President Elect)Ricardo Crepaldi (FMCC STAG Chair) and the RICS guests will be in Daniel’s conversational circle about the importance of all sessions performed in this year and the IFMA FMCC event importance for the FM global community. Come spend a few moments with us and see what was happen in 1/2 hour long.


NOTE: IFMA FMCC World FM Day 2018 is management by FMCC STAG

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