IFMA’s FMCC World FM Day Webinar Live Session 5 – Central Europe: “Everything you wanted to know about social media but were too afraid to ask”

Sunday, May 31st, 2015


Chris Payne   Markus Groll

World FM Day 2015
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 “Everything you wanted to know about social media but were too afraid to ask”

by Chris Payne (UK) and Markus Groll (Germany)

Date: June 10th, 2015
Time: 3:00 – 4:15 PM European Summer Time (Frankfurt) = 1:00 – 2:15 pm UTC

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Social media is becoming a widely used communication tool for the facilities manager. This webinar will identify the ways that social media tools can be adopted to assist in many aspects of service delivery, including: workplace monitoring, improving collaboration, end-user communication, customer service and business continuity planning.


Social media is a constantly changing landscape of apps, websites and communication platforms that are adopted with varying and fluctuating success within the workplace. What is clear, is that social media cannot be seen as a fad or phase that individuals use fleetingly to share their interests and observations. Instead, social media is being widely adopted as an effective business-to-business communication tool used to relay information and data of all types to a widely dispersed group of recipients.

During our webinar, we will look at the ways that many facility managers and organisations are using social media to communicate with end-users and to gain efficiencies within their everyday operations. Throughout the webinar, we will highlight examples that can be replicated, or in some cases avoided, to aid you in assessing your existing social media strategy, or to help you develop one from the ground up

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the many social media platforms commonly in use, and the benefits and pitfalls to each.
  • Help you appreciate the ways that social media can be used within FM.
  • Identify ways to implement a social media strategy that aligns to your corporate objectives.
  • Ways to provide effective customer care through social media.
  • Understand what to do if things go wrong.

 Presenters Bio:

Chris Payne

Chris Payne, CSS Consultancy & FMCC STAG Member as Social Media Coordinator

Chris works in a consulting capacity to help facilities management providers embed more efficient ways of working within their delivery contracts. With a strong focus on innovation, he contributes to improvement activities through the development of frameworks, software systems and technology to capture and incorporate new ways of working that saves cost and enhances operations.
With over 25 years of experience working on the built environment, Chris has comprehensive insight into the construction and maintenance of facilities within a number of industry sectors, including: social housing, critical environments, defence estates, food processing and commercial office space. In recent years, through the successful delivery of consultancy projects, he has helped clients secure more profitable work by moving beyond standard delivery approaches to find new ways of adding value to facility end-users and occupants.
Based near Glasgow in Scotland, he travels extensively to support an international client base.

Markus Groll

Markus Groll

Markus Groll, Architect BYAK & CEO, isar1 AG

Markus Groll, a registered architect, has been in the commercial design profession since 1988. As the founder and manager of companies in Germany, Jordan and the UAE, he has acquired a wealth of experience in architecture, construction and facilities management over the past 25+ years specializing in project planning and management in accordance with industry specific best practice standards.

Working with major clients in a consultancy capacity, he has provided advice and expertise on all aspects of building construction and maintenance. Due to his IT affinity Markus has been also working with clients and companies to lead the implementation and configuration of CAD, BIM, CAFM, IWMS, IMMS and CMMS software applications.

In 1999, he has established the IFMA Regional Chapter “Inn-Salzach” with the primary focus on informing about IFMA and facilities management best practice whilst securing new members for the IFMA. Markus was also the co-author of the German IFMA Planning & Project Management course and has been teaching that course for IFMA since 1998.

Markus has been active in FMCC as
- STAG chair at the FMCC STAG since September 2013
- FMCC Board Member as Secretary: July 2014 - June 2015
- FMCC Board Member as 1st Vice President: from July 2015 onwards

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