World FM Day 2017: with Rajesh Deb Roy "Handle With Care" live from India

Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

Rajessh Debroy

Date / Time:

  • Mumbai: 18.05.2017, 11:30 (11:30am)
  • Houston: 18.05.2017, 01:00 (1am)
  • UTC:  18.05.2017, 06:00 (6am)


 Rajesh Deb Roy, MBA HR, NEBOSH IGC 3, IOSH, PMP IIM-K Logistic & Supply Management IIT Delhi, Six Sigma Green Belt, Working as Key Account Manager (General Manager Operation) at ISS Facility Services India Pvt limited




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“Handle With Care” live from India


  1. Change is afoot in the entire FM industry soaring increase in demand of solutions for enhancing WOW @ work. Growth is shifting, disruption is accelerating, and societal tensions are rising. Confronting these dynamics will help you craft a better strategy, and forge a brighter future as customer expectations are higher than ever and word of mouth travels fast! And as the customer becomes even more empowered, it increases the importance of the customer experience. Enabling better experience is an area that needs constant nurturing and care and with a greater focus on customer experience strategy, companies would definitely realize a positive impact on customer loyalty, higher retention and increased revenues However .Is Digital disruption making your life easier or messy enough, unpredictable and at times, overwhelming. But, inescapable, powerful and incredibly motivating do you feel it is need of hour to go big and throw bold commitments in the midst of uncertainty to reinvent the business rather than just improve it.
  2. What is the key to surviving and thriving in this new order is to either accept adapt to these disruptors while maintaining a core vision and developing a  win win approach that can withstand future volatility or maintain the status quo & Faint with competition . Why Service Industry should or must do more to create value and drive operational excellence and growth. The power is shifting from Management to customer-centricity, a collaborative mind-set, and a tolerance for risk. With all above bullet pointers the implications for the FM industry at large cannot be underestimated. How do you plan to leverage digital disruption to enhance the customer experience and drive business value? As Increased changing the Behavior of Society at Large. Can you afford to let the world pass you by?? Now’s the time to get started what are you thinking?? Stay Current #World FM Day on its way to answer help celebrate How Disruptive technology & Innovation could support in Enabling positive experience.

Learning Objectives:

  1. What is Digital Disruption all about, how it is awakening the Big Digital Giant within FM Industry   ? The world is changing whether you are ready or not. Digital transformation is real, and is it part of your strategy?
  2. Delivering a wow customer experience
  3. What is Short fuse Big Bang in Service World?
  4. Measure ROI from delivering great customer experience. “The New Science of Customer Emotions“
  5. What is World of Happiness Index as on 2017 how it is going to enable Service Experience into Positive one?
  6. What Are Elements of Service World? How do you Map it to enhance end user Experience.
  7. Who will lead the Effort??How to sell where to position, how to decide allocate & what to do when? Shifting Facility Management Building Managers Mind Sets from BAS 2 BAB – Building Automation System as Building as Butler
  8. How Lifelong Learnings could help you stay on top and help you create Positive vibes while enhancing Customer & Client Experience.

Presenter(s) Biography:

Rajessh Debroy

Rajesh Deb Roy, MBA HR, NEBOSH IGC 3, IOSH, PMP IIM-K Logistic & Supply Management IIT Delhi, Six Sigma Green Belt, Working as Key Account Manager (General Manager Operation) at ISS Facility Services India Pvt limited



Rajesh Deb Roy – Is one of the FM industries most sought after thought leaders, strategists and integrators of People Process & Technology .He has more than 20 years of Facilities Management experience He believes in Power of Human intelligence i.e. Pen is mightier than sword . He believes in aligning and painting together with team’s Big picture Strategy which are designed around building Bigger Better & Brighter future workplaces truly focused at enhancing great user Experience. He believes in order to stay ahead and stand apart, your business needs to sell not just a product, but a promise. One that is fulfilled by delivering consistent, creative customer-brand engagements with an emotional connect seamless experiences that spark brand loyalty and exclusivity. An enterprising leader with the ability to motivate personnel towards achieving organizational objectives and inventing best practices. A sense of humor and grace under pressure.

Rajesh Deb Roy desires to become the best version of self and wishes to keep contributing in creating great place to work for others.

Rajesh Deb Roy is currently working with world’s leading Facility Services company i.e. ISS Facility Services India Pvt limited as KEY Account Manager (General Manager Operations) ,ISS today is the world’s fourth largest private employer serving thousands of both public and private sector customers across 77 countries in the world. Extremely focused at managing your organization’s everyday needs, with an ever Positive attitude to serve & believes in save you money, make your life easier and free you to focus on what you do best. At ISS, taking care of everything related to your facilities, with solutions including cleaning, support services, property services, catering and security. Or you might want the additional savings and efficiencies that come from choosing an integrated solution. Whichever one selects, you can expect quality service and results every day.


Integrated Facility Management Services, Support Services, Property Services, Catering Services, and Security Services

Prior to this he was associated with Worlds Best Brand to work with i.e Vodafone, Telenor, Reliance Communication, Tata Indicom, Coca-Cola & Air-Tel.

Besides work in large Corporates. He holds MBA in HR, IOSH UK, NEBOSH IGC 3 Six Sigma Green Belt, PMP IIM Kozhikode, SCM Logistic management from IIT Delhi, & Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management from ISBM.

Accredited Professional Certified in Safety Media Professional in OHSE UK London approved by ROSPA achieved certificate of attainment in Occupational health safety & Environment approved by Royal society of Accidents prevention England Whales.

Additionally Rajesh is a well-connected Social Media enthusiast & well known author writer, speaker and thought leader.

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