IFMA Benefit of the Month – Panel on Sustainability, Resilience, Adaptability

Thursday, March 16th, 2023


Title: Sustainability & Resilience – identifiers, notes, links – handout from OMHS, FMCC, and RIMKUS panel (IFMA BoM)

Text:  IFMA produced a panel discussion around how effectively AEC, O&M, and H&S bring forward performance in sustainability and resilience over the facility life cycle. Over 200 registered. Panelists came from Commercial Construction Consulting in Boston, and IFMA OMHS and FMCC.

The language of sustainability, especially in use by investors and executives, includes a number of shortened terms for concepts, conventions, and organizations related to emissions, wellness, and related subjects. The discussion handouts included the attached table describing and providing links to a dozen or so terms related to performance and likely to heard in top tier discussions and initiatives. They (and others – your suggestions welcome) should be fresh and familiar to FM.

Abbreviations & Resources

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