Getting to know new and renewing members

Tuesday, October 27th, 2020

About 1/12 of FMCC members every month receive a personal contact from an FMCC Board member to learn what members are experiencing and how the Council can be a resource reflecting members’ needs, opportunities, and ideas. FMCC Admin Terry Cocherl receives notice of new and renewed members from IFMA and forwards each to a Board member in rotation, matching time zones as closely as possible.
By chance, a contact assigned to me came at a time when the consultant had just completed an update of the principal product of the organization. Here is a summary.
My assigned contact this time was Doug Litwiller with Building Maintenance Optimization Consultants – BMOC – lead by Jon Thomas. Jon is the primary author of PM Procedures for the Facilities Portfolio second edition, just published. Doug (“Lit”) is also a member of the OMHS Community (as am I.) Both Lit and Jon appear in recent All Member and OMHS Engage posts.
Their consulting emphasis caught my attention in light of the growing FM awareness of the ISO 41000 (FM) and 55000 (asset management) series standards, which adapt well for setting client organization goals and consultant deliverables due to their clarity, simplicity, scalability and flexibility. So I’ll pass along briefly what Lit, Jon, and their colleagues are doing. Their approach makes transition in maintenance practices to become consistent with asset management even for smaller organizations. Now that inexpensive and available OT and IT are changing the expectations of demand organizations – client top tier management – to keep track of performance and value in convenient, readable forms. CMMS and related technologies come into play in maintenance processes and in measurable benefits derived.
While their main materials are procedures – several hundred – to bring about and maintain planned maintenance as a foundation element of FM and asset management for buildings and systems, numbers 5 and 6 below – no. 5 in particular, Ready for Deployment in CMMS – warrant special mention. CMMS are richly configurable for holding data and performing functions. At the same time, deriving value effectively with their use has to be the first and ongoing objective in acquiring and using a CMMS. The authors, with long experience in choosing what to do when and how, keep entering into and using a CMMS as fast, simple, and worthwhile as possible to evolve from reactive maintenance to planned maintenance in its varieties and levels.
Their purposes:

  1. Routine, preventive, predictive, and compliance procedures
  2. Optimum technical accuracy and scalability
  3. Preventive maintenance tasks for practical asset assemblies and systems
  4. Applicable for assets supporting buildings of any size and complexity, including central utility plants
  5. Ready for deployment in CMMS
  6. Commentary on strategic asset management programming and deployment strategy

I hope that you will wish to pass on what you’re accomplishing or possibly troubled by. There’s a great deal happening among FMCC members.

David Reynolds
c: +1 504 481 2627

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