Follow up – Building Futures for FM Consultants World Wide Webinar

Wednesday, October 21st, 2020

Thank you all for your time in our initial Webinar.
As promised here are a few resources to add to your FM toolbox.
ISO 41001
Would also like to highlight few latest info links  as budgets come into sharper focus for 2021.
Please follow our own Stan Mitchell and IFMA Knowledge forums for  additional perspectives on the new standards and how you can apply the standards to you organization/ needs.
This recently published standard can provide new perspectives on FM procurement in a now ever challenging market.


Middle East Operations and Maintenance Benchmarking
Our IFMA colleague Nicholas Rocha has launched an initiative for the IFMA Research & Benchmarking Institute to establish a workgroup to develop benchmarks for Operations and Maintenance in the Middle East.
The initial presentation launch was most informative and highlighted differences and challenges with established data in the US & Europe with the Middle East.FMCC encourages you to reach out to Nickalos if you would like to participate:
Would really like to hear from you……………..
  • How can we support your Consultancy journey.
  • Which day and time suits for us to have a zoom call for an informal chat.
  • Lets share what’s happening in FM in your current home or work base in the Middle East.
  • Check out IFMA Engage if you haven’t done so and introduce yourself or just enjoy the wealth of information it has to offer from Industry leaders.
Stay Well, Stay safe
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