FMCC STAG chair a Core Organizer and Producer as Brazil hosts International Facility Management Event

Wednesday, October 11th, 2017

The FMCC STAG chair, Ricardo Crepaldi, hosted the first Brazilian IFMA event on October 5th in Brazil. 

The focus of the Brazil F2F IFMA and FMCC workshop was “IFMA and the vision outside of the US”.  There was a panel that discussed the topic “The Future of FM” with IFMA Chair Bill O’Neill,  IFMA Board of Directors member Peter Ankerstjerne, a RICS Brazil Chair and mediation by IFMA’s FMCC STAG chair Ricardo Crepaldi.  There was also the pre-release of the book: Management of Facilities & Properties by Francisco Abrantes who is the IFMA FMCC Global Liaison. His book has a unit approach and high level expertise about FM industry in the Portuguese language.  The auditorium was totally full with more than 75 important guests.  A special thanks to BST for being the event sponsor.

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