FMCC Sponsorship Program

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

How would you like to effectively reach FM consultants, and enhance your marketing efforts?

The Facility Management Consultants Council (FMCC) of IFMA is composed of nearly 300 members, from over 30 countries around the world, who advise clients on various best practice issues related to facility planning, design, real estate, relocation, construction and strategic planning.  Our clients rely on us for advice and suggestions for products and services.  They are frequently asked by their clients: Who have you used or who would you recommend we contact?

The Sponsorship Program of FMCC can provide unique and valuable exposure to its members. To learn more about our sponsorship program, click on the FMCC Sponsorship Pack 2018 which includes the Sponsorship Value Proposition and Application or email our Sponsorship Chair – Val Moraes at

Sponsorships to support the operations of the FMCC are always needed.  A sponsor can gain valuable exposure.  Think about how many times an FMCC member recommends a certain service provider, FM software solution or other product.  Being a sponsor can give them connections to many decision makers.  Please consider being a sponsor or asking some of your contacts to consider it. 

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