FMCC President’s BLOG – May/June 2024

Monday, June 3rd, 2024

The Board has been busy over the past number of months focused on our OKR (Objectives and Key Results) in pursuit of our Council Goals.
This includes:
· Member Engagement – with a special focus on Young Professionals and Associates and welcome to Eric Maclean our newest Board member representing Young Professionals.
· Website changes – New FAQ page to replace existing; New Strategic Management page to replace existing.
· Recruitment is underway to fill two vacant Director positions by 2025.
· Currently creating a process of ‘Hand-off’ procedures as our Board changes – updating Apps, access, passwords, document domains to also keep pace with changes in systems like Google, and Bylaws.

Planned Events:
· The Board continues to seek member expert input to the FM community through Ask The Expert (ATE) Articles for the FMJ.
· Coming soon – ‘Dance of Change in FM.’ – a series of Webinar conversations with various experts from within FMCC and others in managing various changes they have/are encountering in the built environment. These webinars will be posted to both the website and social media – LinkedIn & YouTube.
· Please reach-out to the FMCC President at to schedule a webinar conversation highlighting your expertise and experience.

Free Memberships: Free memberships just announced.
· 5 Free Memberships are open till November 1, 2024.
· Free memberships can be distributed to China/India members – given the latest changes in both China and India affecting IFMA members.
· China/India current members can join councils.
· FMCC will be promoting memberships to the current China/India members.

Collaboration Initiative:
FMCC is in conversations with the ITC looking to collaborate on a number of initiatives with a view to promote collaboration in FM and the symbiotic relationship between the digital and built environment.

Kit Tuveson Award:
This award continues to be a focus and annual event recognizing achievement of FMCC members.

We’ve been busy and we’re having a great time sharing and building the FM community!

Kathleen Lausman
President, FMCC

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