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Thursday, October 4th, 2018

FMCC is well represented here at World Workplace. Members and strong supporters, Stephen Ballesty,  Joachim Hohmann, and Paul Doherty made up three quarters of this year’s class of IFMA Fellows.

I enjoyed conversations here in Charlotte, including a half hour with Lara Paemen, Director, IFMA Europe, Advisory Board member Jos Duchamps and Markus Groll of FMCC on the opportunity to offer a FMCC value proposition to western european members, a large number of whom belong to chapters, but not to IFMA “International.”  We will remain in touch with them and deliver suggestions in mid-November. Please all members, fell free to get in touch with me, or with Peter Stroup if you have questions or suggestions toward how FMCC is perceived – and could be perceived – in any region of the World.

GoToMeeting worked well from the meeting room for the AGM so that Secretary Chris Gardner was able to attend from Kansas, Ondrej Strup from the Czech Republic, and Ricardo Crepaldi from Brazil. Please stay in touch for further news from FMCC.

More soon,
FMCC President, David Reynolds

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